Turn Photos and Videos into Memorable Stories

Life is full of precious moments — weddings, birthdays, anniversay, vacations, family holidays, the list goes on. At each event, we wind up with hundreds of photos and videos taken from our cameras, smart phones and other devices capable of capturing those great times. MediaStory helps to quickly organize your photos and create long-lasting memories that you will want to relive over and over again.

Collect all Your Memories in One Place

Cyberlink media story Collect all Memories in One Place

MediaStory is a central hub for your photos and videos. No matter where you store your media, even if they're scattered across a number of different devices or drives, you can transfer them to MediaStory on your Windows 8 PC where they will be automatically compliled.

MediaStory uses metadata, geo-tags and information from Google and Outlook calendars to automatically arrange media transferred from cameras, phones or Facebook into groups. You can browse photos and videos by event, date/time, who’s in them, location they were taken, or by self-assigned folder name. It takes the heavy lifting out of sorting through your collection, and makes finding what you want, fast!

Quick and Smart Ways to Select Videos and Photos

Cyberlink media story Quick and Smart Ways to Select Videos and Photos

Before you create your story, you need to decide which photos and videos to include, and which to leave out. Rather than the tedious manual select/deselect process this usually is, MediaStory introduces a unique filtering system that quickly and intuitively helps you to choose exactly what items you want in your story.

Easy Photo and Video Editing

Cyberlink media story Easy Photo and Video Editing

Touch up your photos and videos before you create your MediaStory slideshow. Automatic video correction features let you instantly stabilize shaky clips, automatically adjust lighting, as well as reduce video and audio noise. With MediaStory, you can even adjust the overall brightness, contrast, saturation and white balance of your videos.

MediaStory’s built in photo editor provides quick and easy editing and adjustment, with several one-click preset effects, cropping and image straightening tools, automatic red-eye removal, and easy-to-use adjustment sliders to fine-tune your image’s brightness, sharpness, contrast, saturation and white balance.

Create Memorable Stories

Cyberlink media story Create Memorable Stories

With MediaStory’s quick and easy photo and video selection tools, you can easily turn selected media into storytelling slideshows and videos. Customize your slideshow with background music, stylize it with a theme of your choice and set photo duration. In no time, you can create professional-looking videos that you can share on social networks or output to HD.

With MediaStory you can turn your photos and videos into rich stories of your life events and relive those special moments over and over again.

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