All You Need to Create Movie Discs

Easily create stunning Blu-ray and DVD movie discs with PowerProducer's complete authoring tool. Give your creations a professional look with Hollywood-style menus. Watch discs on your TV or PC.

Essential Disc Authoring Tool for Windows®

If you have a new Windows 8 PC and want to create Blu-ray and DVD movie discs of your home videos and photos, PowerProducer 6 is just what you need. PowerProducer 6 is Window® 8 compatible and works perfectly on your Windows® PC to allow you to author Blu-ray and DVD discs quickly and easily.

Edit Your Videos & Enhance Your Photos

PowerProducer 6 supports popular video, photo and music formats, including the new MKV, FLV and RAW photo formats. Plus you get easy-to-use photo and video editing tools to help make your content look its best.

Produce in Blazing Speed

PowerProducer 6 lets you take full advantage of multi-processing CPU and GPU technologies to work with video faster. Optimization for the latest hardware acceleration technologies from Intel®, NVIDIA® and AMD means speedier rendering of HD video content, which saves you time when authoring your videos to DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

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