The Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) appliances enable Enterprises and MSSPs to centrally manage Cyberoam network security appliances deployed across branch offices or customer offices. Providing flexibility of hardware and virtual platforms, CCC appliances simplify centralized security management, reduce administrative overhead and aid compliance reporting for distributed enterprises and MSSPs as required for their growing networks.

Next-Generation Management series of CCC appliances (CCC NM) deliver high performance from underlying powerful new hardware and fulfill demanding processing needs to support security policy enforcement in large, complex and dispersed networks.

With effective centralized controls, CCC NM appliances give IT Managers and MSSPs the confidence to centrally manage multiple sites while allowing adequate flexibility and manageability. In addition, CCC NM appliances offer a range of features that help simplify security management for actions like rapid deployment of organization-wide security policies and updates, intelligent grouping of Cyberoam appliances on various meaningful criteria, role-based administration, template-based configuration and more to better protect dispersed networks, resulting in benefits of reduced cost, complexity and time.


# of CR appliances supported

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CCC15NM 30 View
CCC50NM 100 View
CCC100NM 200 View
CCC200NM 400 View
CCC500NM 1,000 View

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