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The right toolset that minimizes risk and self-service of resources is here. High dive into the Microsoft DevOps solution.

Your customers want more from your solution, and they want it quickly and efficiently. Whether you work in the cloud, on-premises, or in between, or whether you use iOS, Android, Java, Linux or Windows, with Visual Studio and Azure you have a comprehensive set of DevOps tools for your team to collaborate and deliver apps faster.
Agile Planning

As a project manager, you can plan and track the work required to bring your applications from idea to completion. Agile tools provide you with the power, flexibility, and responsiveness you need to stay on top of changing priorities, deadlines, and requirements.
Continuous Integration

Get a simplified continuous integration for your applications regardless of what platform you are targeting, or what language you are using . Also, seamlessly integrate with work, test, code, build, and release and track your builds with real-time build status.
Performance Testing

Get a performance lab in the cloud, without any setup, which can be scaled up or down based on your needs. Real-time charts and graphs help you watch your app's performance while your tests run.
Continuous Delivery

Get faster time to market and respond with greater agility to customer feedback. Create the release pipeline that describes the promotion path through your environments and automatically trigger releases upon completion of builds.
Monitor + Learn

Gain insight and analyze the progress and quality of your project by connecting Power BI to the data collected and stored for Team Services.   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |