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Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) provides enterprises with a comprehensive evaluation of the threats & gaps.  Using VAPT, provides organizations with a detailed view of threats and vulnerabilities in their applications and IT infrastructure, enabling the business to protect their systems & valuable data from malicious attacks.

Vulnerabilities are found in Applications from Third Party Vendors or home grown. Using a VAPT Service Provider enables the business to mitigate critical vulnerabilities and secure their data and IT infrastructure.
Scoping is the process of working with the client to identify what the goals are for the penetration test.

Scoping allows a client to customise a penetration test for their requirements.
Reconnaissance is the process of investigating a organisations online presence to help identify information an attacker can leverage.

Some typical locations are: Google, domain name info, WHOIS, GitHub, pastebin, Linkedin, email addresses and web forums.
Each discovered network, host or application is carefully assessed to identify potential entry points, or in some cases, known vulnerabilities for the next stage.
•  Identified vulnerabilities are researched
•  Discovered vulnerabilities are exploited to confirm they are vulnerable
•  Passwords are tested, ensuring controls / minimum complexity requirements are in place
All discovered security findings are documented in a severity ordered report which covers the following:

•  Technical description
•  Non-technical description
•  Collect evidence
•  Remediation instructions
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