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Multi Vendor Configuration Conversion for FortiOS

Managing Migration

When implementing any emerging technology, a challenge that often arises is that of migration. From a high level, transitioning older complex configurations onto new and next generation solutions can look a relatively simple task, however an experienced security administrator will see this as one of the biggest challenges that they face. With FortiConverter, Fortinet offers customers a simple supported process for configuration migration when historically this has been a heavily manual or professional services driven engagement.

Configuration Validation

Transitioning to Next Generation Security Platforms should be as seamless as possible and for this reason Fortinet developed FortiConverter. Errors that have existed for a number of years may not have been discovered can be often missed or overlooked. FortiConverter provides a simple process for the validation of these misconfigurations. To perform policy analysis manually can often take hundreds of hours of expert analysis. FortiConverter takes the burden off of IT administrators by streamlining configuration/policy validation.

Professional Services

Professional services engagements can be a complex and time consuming process. By utilizing the automated features of FortiConverter, Fortinet partners and customers have the ability to accurately predict and manage these engagements. An added advantage of using FortiConverter with professional services engagements is the reduction in human errors that can occur. By using a logical and structured approach, FortiConverter conversions/validations typically result in predictable project timelines and minimize costs.


  • Multi Vendor support: Conversion from Cisco, Juniper, Check Point and SonicWALL devices
  • Single tool for multiple installations allowing for cross vendor installation conversion
  • Automated configuration conversion minimizes information required for configuration conversion
  • Significantly reduces the possibility of human error into the conversion process
  • Identify and eliminate errors in existing configurations to allow the new platform to operate at maximum efficiency and security
  • Avoids copying of unused items or objects into the newly created configuration
  • FortiConverter premium licensing allows for the conversion of even the largest and most complex firewall and security configurations
  • Flexible options for chargeable and free to use versions

Network Access

Application Security



  • Integrated Subscription Based Security Services
  • fortiguard

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