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FortiSwitch Ethernet Access and Data Center Switches are a feature-rich yet cost effective range of devices, supporting the needs of the SMB and Distributed Enterprises LAN, as well as large Virtualized Data Centers.

The FortiSwitch Secure Access Switch series integrates directly into the FortiGate Connected UTM, with switch administration and access port security managed from the familiar FortiGate interface. Regardless of how users and devices connect to the network, you have complete visibility and control over your network security and access through this single pane of glass, perfectly suited to threat-conscious organizations of any size.

Ideal for small to mid-sized businesses, distributed enterprises and branch offices, the FortiSwitch Access switch series delivers outstanding flexibility, simplicity and value for organizations with diverse network access requirements. Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables you to seamlessly incorporate wireless Access Points, IP phones and other PoE equipment into the network, enabling the deployment of simple and cost effective Ethernet networks.

Virtualization and cloud computing have created dense high-bandwidth Ethernet networking requirements in the data center, pushing the limits of existing data center switching. FortiSwitch Data Center switches meet these challenges by providing a high performance 10 GbE capable switching platform, with a low Total Cost of Ownership. Ideal for Top of Rack server or firewall aggregation applications, as well as enterprise network core or edge deployments, these switches are purpose-built to meet needs of today’s bandwidth intensive data centers.


  • Wide Range of Models – With Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet models, as well as Power over Ethernet options, there is a FortiSwitch to suit any deployment scenario.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) – Simplifies the installation of PoE equipment in the network, eliminating the need for the installation of additional power sockets to support APs and VOIP handsets.
  • Flexible management – Various management capabilities are available from CLI or Web Interfaces, to complete management and control from the familiar FortiGate graphical interface.
  • Network Segmentation Support – You can configure a single physical switch to support the convergence of voice, data and wireless traffic, while still meeting compliance requirements.
  • 10GbE Capability – Future proofed 10 GbE will meet the bandwidth requirements of even the most intensive data center and network core applications.
  • Port Level Network Access Security Features – Secure Access Switch Series devices enable true port level network access security with 802.1x technology, managed centrally from any FortiGate.

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  • Integrated Subscription Based Security Services
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