Compliance Express (CXP) empowers organizations to address and take control of all their Identity access management and governance challenges. CXP enables organizations to easily & quickly gain the complete, real-time view of users, accounts, entitlements and access across complex IT environments and continuous & intelligent compliance. It helps them to get the most desired results for their risk Management initiatives as well as meet regulatory/compliance requirements continually and in real-time.

Continuous change in terms of personnel, assets, and their access policies.

Today's enterprise IT infrastructure are changing drastically with changing IT landscape. The organizations are continuously changing in terms of personnel, applications & assets, and their access policies.

These all results in

  • Complexity in setting up the multiple application access to users
  • Huge volume of un-organized change activity data
  • Increasd security risk because of zero visibility on unwanted access and its usage Compliance Express helps organizations to address these business challenges with faster and continuous Identity Access management & Governnace solution.

Access Change Monitoring

Compliance Express eliminates manual certification of user access on target applications and offers ability to specify what to certify, how often to certify and who will certify based on the business needs. Timely reminders ensures that activities are completed in stipulated time. Also, CXP supports collaborative decision making in case a decision involving access certification involves multiple stakeholders.

Adhering to regulatory compliance

Compliance Express provides out-of-the-box definitions for all types of Access Controls - SoD controls, plain access controls, controls governing group membership etc. Using the feature UI, these controls can be configured & customized easily as per the organizational needs. CXP generates alerts and notifications throughout the access approval process. Also, CXP performs analysis on past recommendations and creates new controls automatically.

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