Identity Express is a lightweight Identity and Access Management solution that empowers business to manage user identities and their associated access across enterprise resources: target applications. With Identity Express business can now automate operations associated with user identity management as per the business policies. Identity Express comes with myriad of Identity Connectors that alows organization to integrate various target applications ranging from on-premise resources to SaaS applications in to the automated Identity management solution.

Constant changes in Business, Users, Applications and Access

These challenges increase the IT administrative overhead associated with managing and controlling the user accounts and their access across the organization. Managers experience difficulties in ensuring proper account access on-time as well as on-time revocation of access for employees who leaves organization. Also, it is very hard to streamline the User Life-cycle management process and nearly impossible to configure centralized security controls to comply with corporate data governance policies and reinforce security by tracking account activities and ensuring regular password changes.

These all results in

Complex Access Management:

Hard to manage user accounts in various applications across the organization

Limited Visibility:

Lack of proper clarity on application account ownerships

High Vulnarability:

Increased security risk due to inefficient on-time account termination
and growing number of orphan accounts

Workflows aligned with business process and policies.

Identity Express comes with flexible workflow engine that can be aligned to business process. Whether its an approval workflow for creating a new account or sending out e-mail notification for approvals, it can modeled easliy in Identity Express.

Role Based Provisioning

Identity Express creates accounts on thetarget system/application based on the role that is assigned to the User Identity.

Delegated Administration

To ensure the business continuity, Users in an Organization delegate their task to other user(s), incase of planned holidays / repetitive task / task which needs immediate action, etc.Identity Express provides the option to delegate Approval Tasks, Certification Tasks, to other users.

Periodic Account Reconciliation

Identity Express collects account information from each target system/application on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, which is mapped with User Identities stored on its Identity Data store.Any changes in the User identities (from the authoritative data store) are distributed and synchronized in real time across all target applications and systems.

Choose where to deploy?

Identity Express is an extremely lightweight solution can be hosted in your on-premise environment or can be hosted on cloud. Its simply a matter of your preferrence.Convenience based consumption - Cloud or On Premise

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