Password Express

Password Express is a simple, secure and robust Password Management solution that empowers end users to reset forgotten password and unlock their accounts. End user can perform password-self service at any time, from any device and from anywhere. It also helps Administrators and Helpdesk to imlement stronger password policies.

What problems does Password Express Solve?

Multiple Password α Increased Helpdesk Cost + Decreased Productivity

Productivity Loss

Costly Helpdesk Calls

Security Risk

Poor User Experience

Self Service Key to Self-Capabilities

Password Express Self Service enables end users to reset their forgotten password and unlock their accounts, not just with security questions but also via one-time SMS/Soft-token passcode (MFA).

Stop Remembering , Start Synchronizing.

Password Synchronization feature of Password Express helps in synchronizing a master password to all other applications, be it a DB, WEB App or Operating System.

One Password Policy does not fit all.

Password Express gives flexibility to define multiple password for diffrent org units.

Audit & Reports - we know this matters a lot.

Password Express gives extensive auditing and reporting on end user, Helpdesk and Admin activities.

IAM Integration

  • Password Express can integrate with Identity Manager solution to complement/extend its functionality to do password management on applications which are not directly integrated with it or difficult to integrate. Password Express comes bundled with rich set of application connectors for password management such as Google Apps, Salesforce, OS, LDAP, database etc. Based on Enterprise Service bus Architecture (ESB) and with connector SDK, it also allow us to build custom connector very easily in couple of days by having basic skills in java.
  • Identity Manager to PXP is a bi-directional integration. Once integrated, either we could use Identity Manager self-service portal or Password Express self-service as a centralized Password Management tool to manage password both in Identity Manager connected applications and PXP connected applications.

User Enrollment

  • Automated policy based email reminders to users for self-registration with Password Express
  • Bulk registration of users from trusted source having challenge response answers
  • Self-registration prompt just after Windows Logon

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