Introducing Investintech’s Absolute PDF Server - the first enterprise-level document management solution to offer both PDF extraction and creation through a powerful, flexible and simple-to-maintain server-side process.


Absolute PDF Server 3.0 is a complete PDF server suite, which integrates our Able2Extract PDF extraction Server (used to convert PDF files into several other formats) and Sonic PDF creation Server (used to convert different file formats into PDF file format) into a single server-side product.

Absolute PDF Server 3.0 is a robust solution designed to solve document management needs for your whole organization. Read more on how Absolute PDF Server 3.0 can help you manage and organize documents in a most efficient way.


Absolute PDF Server 3.0 is the first enterprise level solution for managing documents which offers extracting and creating PDF in a flexible server-side process which is easy to maintain.

  • Saves time – as a centralized solution, Absolute PDF Server 3.0 will save your time by allowing all employees to create and extract PDF files on demand; this means no time is spent retyping, reformatting and retrieving data allowing everyone to focus on other important tasks
  • Increases productivity – Absolute PDF Server 3.0 simplifies conversion from PDF to the most widely used document formats while preserving formatting and allowing further editing. A PDF document can be easily converted to a properly formatted Excel spreadsheet or Word document as well as HTML, text and more. On the other hand, Absolute PDF Server 3.0 can be used to create PDF files from any printable MS Windows application (not just MS Office).
  • Allows secure sharing – all created documents can be securely shared both internally and externally.

Unlimited Number of Users and Conversions

Everyone in your organization will be able to create and extract PDF files if given access to the specific folders which are used for processing the files by the APS (all InFolders can be shared on the network and the end user does not even need to have access to the computer where the APS is installed).

Since Absolute PDF Server 3.0 is designed with high volume of conversions and multiple users in mind, there are virtually no limits to how many conversions can be made throughout the organization.

A Standardized Framework for Managing Documents

Absolute PDF Server 3.0 is a complete, centralized solution, which will give you full control over how PDF documents are created within your organization. Your IT department will find that it dramatically simplifies processes for managing documents.

The software is only deployed once and all maintenance tasks and updates are centralized. There is no need to manage any desktop software.

The administrator will have full control over managing document security, such as setting properties and permissions according to the document retention policies within your organization.

Many Benefits at One Price

This is the first server-based, enterprise product to offer both PDF creation and extraction.

No hidden future expenses. There are no extra modules or add-ins to license.

Unlimited use. Our fully featured product can be used as much as needed by anyone in your organization (no limits per server license)



Able2Extract 9 is our flagship desktop technology. As a cross-platform PDF solution, Able2Extract gives you both PDF conversion and PDF creation capabilities on Windows, Mac and Linux. Convert PDF documents to over 10 editable formats, including formatted Excel spreadsheets. Able2Extract lets you create highly secured PDF files with advanced encryption levels and security features. Millions of users have turned to Able2Extract for their conversion needs over the last decade.



Use Absolute PDF Server to process, create and convert thousands of PDF documents every day, using our robust platform that is designed for use in a professional business setting. Our clients have deployed our server technology throughout their organizations in order to help manage their daily PDF document needs. Absolute not only converts PDFs, but creates and edits them as well.



Our proprietary PDF technology is the developer's choice for integrating PDF into an organization's document workflow. Use our well-documented PDF SDK, DLL and COM's to integrate our PDF technology into your organization’s IT infrastructure. Some of the world's largest corporations have deployed our PDF Creator SDK, PDF file viewer control and PDF converter COM/DLLs, which include PDF-to-Excel, PDF-to-Word, PDF-to-HTML and PDF-to-Text options.

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