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Take your presentations to the next level

Design like a professional in seconds with PowerPoint Designer. To help you maximize the visual impact of your presentation, it provides design options like Morph, which creates fluid, cinematic motion in one click. Just duplicate two slides that you want to morph together, move objects in them based on how you want to animate them, and click Morph.

Present with confidence

Zoom in and out of sections or slides in your presentation in any order from a single slide. Or use Presenter View to project your presentation to a second screen and see speaker notes, the current slide, and the next slide – a great way to rehearse. Your slides automatically appear on the correct screens so you don't have to sort out the settings.

Start and stay in sync

Your presentation is saved in OneDrive or SharePoint by default so you can share or co-author it online. Co-author in real time from your desktop or PowerPoint Online and you can always view or go back to earlier drafts. Add and reply to comments from a phone, tablet, PC, or Mac, right next to any slide you're discussing.

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