Novell Client for Linux


Deploying Linux for the first time—whether on the desktop or on the server—doesn't need to be a foreign undertaking. The familiarity of the Novell experience is preserved when you use Novell Client for Linux.

Novell Client for Linux provides Novell NetWare and Novell Open Enterprise Server connectivity to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop workstations by translating login script commands to their Linux counterparts. Once it is installed on workstations, users can enjoy the full range of Novell NetWare and Novell Open Enterprise Server services such as Novell eDirectory; single, synchronized login; and multiprotocol support—not to mention many mission-critical applications.

Note:The Novell Client for Linux is currently an add-on feature to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. In the future, it will ship with the desktop. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop users and Open Enterprise Server users are entitled to the Novell Client for Linux.


Novell Client for Linux delivers the following features:

  • Network login from the graphical user interface (GUI) and console (See Figure 1)
  • Support for container, profile and user login scripts
  • Mapped drives and home directory access from the GUI and console
  • Background authentication and authentication in conjunction with universal password
  • GUI and command-line tools
  • Support for Novell NCP protocol
  • Name resolution through DNS, DHCP, SLP and NDAP
  • File operations: viewing and managing file trustee rights, viewing file attributes, and purge and salvage
  • Command-line (shell) utilities:
    • login
    • logout
    • send
    • map
    • tree
    • cx
    • ncopy
    • nlist
    • ndir
    • purge
    • salvage
    • flag
    • rights
  • Cluster failover reconnect
  • Automatic background reconnect to NetWare and Open Enterprise Server
  • Greater than 4 GB file support
  • NCP packet signing
  • Novell eDirectory multi-tree support


  • NetWare 6.5
  • Novell Open Enterprise Server

Supported Protocols

  • Open standard: CIFS, NFS, LDAP and other authorization mechanisms


  • KDE

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