Why Novell File Management Suite

Take control of your data.

File Reporter + Storage Manager + Dynamic File Services Your files matter. Implement effective data loss prevention and data governance with a complete file management solution that leverages your current identity management system. We now offer Novell File Management Suite for either Microsoft or Novell Open Enterprise Server environments.

Novell File Reporter

Understand before you act. We've built Novell File Reporter to report on terabytes of data so you can:

  • Find what files you are hosting across all your servers
  • Know who has access to what files
  • See how users gained access to files
  • Identify how network storage is being used

Novell Storage Manager

Automate the complete lifecycle of user and group file storage by implementing data governance that allows you to:

  • Automate file management tasks
  • Move data easily between servers
  • Establish and enforce role-based access
  • Extend your identity management system's capabilities to the file system

Novell Dynamic File Services

Keep important data close, store less important data inexpensively and provide all your data to the users and auditors who need it. You can also:

  • Spend less on storage
  • Create policies to enforce your organization's storage rules
  • Archive data to the cloud
  • Tier data without interrupting users

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