What’s New

Novell GroupWise has always been a secure, reliable “home base” for workforce productivity. And now, GroupWise 2014 enhances the email you love with all–new features and a sleek, dynamic user interface. With enhancements in all the places users work—as well as behind the scenes, where administrators live—GroupWise 2014 will simply help you get things done at every level of your organization.

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Wander While You Work

GroupWise 2014 gives employees robust email, calendaring, task management and contact management tools wherever they wander. The same goes for admins, who get streamlined, web-based administration and more to let them monitor, manage and make things happen on the go.

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Flexible as a Yoga Master

What good is power without flexibility? GroupWise gives end users a flexible, dynamic interface that works the way they want to work—and the freedom to make (or change) decisions at will. It also supports the platforms and devices admins need, and even flexes itself to work with Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange.

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What You Need Now

GroupWise 2014 provides classic email and calendaring features in a modern and efficient package. It runs on the latest data center technology, supports the latest devices, and sports a user interface that dynamically adjusts to deliver just what you need, just when you need it. Best of all, it keeps your email—and the critical business data that traverses it—firmly within IT's control.

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