What’s New in Version 4.0

Data copying, pre-copy during an Enforce Policy Path operation, search feature enabled on new pages in NSMAdmin, and re-drive Management Actions.

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Increase security with automated data governance

Enable identity-based policies that consistently and automatically ensure users see only the files they’re authorized to see.

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Automate file management tasks

Save yourself money and your IT staff time by automating user and group home folder provisioning, rights settings, disk quota settings, home folder renames and more.

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Control data growth through lifecycle management

Keep data growth under control and save money on storage by automatically moving, deleting or distributing data.

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Establish and enforce role-based access

Give users access based on their roles. Automatically grant access to group storage, provision home folders with necessary files, and control and secure data with role-based file access.

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Extend your identity management system’s capabilities

Extend your identity management system to include automated user storage management.

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