What is Novell Vibe?

Introducing ZENworks 11 SP3

New to ZENworks 11 SP3 brings better performance and better tools to the ZENworks 11 Platform to help you face compliance and audit challenges, simplify your tasks and keep your employees productive. Check out the new features below.

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New in ZENworks Application Virtualization

Introducing the Professional Edition: Desktop containers, clipboard isolation, file synchronization, startup applications and more!

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Migrating Windows has never been easier

Keeping your workforce productive—and your service desk above water—are some of the biggest challenges in any major OS migration. Version 10 makes your life easier by ensuring your workforce has complete access to their Windows applications before, during and after a migration.

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Slash the time required to test and deploy applications

Novell ZENworks® Application Virtualization speeds your application deployments by dramatically reducing testing time and eliminating application installations.

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Adopt virtual applications the smart way—go agentless

Easily adopt virtualized applications into your existing IT environment without installing additional agents, device drivers or any server-side architecture.

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Get predictive application streaming at breakneck speeds

Run applications over the web or from a file share 5 to 20 times faster than other solutions with our predictive streaming technology.

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Do away with application conflicts for premier application security

Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization makes it easy to run applications in a safe, isolated environment that's immune to conflicts with other applications.

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