If you’re like most IT departments, you and your team are responsible for provisioning, maintaining, tracking, protecting and retiring large numbers of client devices.

You must manage hundreds of thousands of applications, numerous licensing contracts and an unending list of software patches. And on top of it all, your company workforce is constantly changing, with new requests every day. It can be a difficult and frustrating responsibility. The Novell ZENworks® Suite can help.

One Control Panel, Lots of Tools

The ZENworks Control Center is the centralized console for the ZENworks Suite. You can save huge amounts of time by going to one place for all your client management and protection needs.

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Work Smarter, Not Longer

Most client management solutions manage devices. ZENworks manages users, so you don’t have to touch every device.

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Plays Well with Others

ZENworks works with what you have. Run it on Windows or Linux. Use the database you like. Manage Windows, Linux and Mac. It will get along fine with anything in your environment.

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Armor for the Road Warrior

ZENworks adjusts device security to whatever location users take that device, meaning your security is always ready for the wild world of unsecure wireless in airports and coffee shops.

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