A better way to get ZENworks up and running

Simplify Change and Configuration Management with the "plug and play" Novell ZENworks Virtual Appliance.

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Ready to use in minutes (not days)

How long would it normally take your IT staff to plan and implement a comprehensive change and configuration management system across your whole IT environment? With the ZENworks Virtual Appliance, the answer can be minutes—rather than days or weeks. With a virtual appliance approach, you can deploy a completely functional set of automated and policy-based configuration tools quickly, painlessly and without the need for specialized IT skills or additional resources.

What's inside the ZENworks Virtual Appliance?

Learn more about how the products built into the ZENworks Virtual Appliance can enhance your organization.

+ Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management

+ Novell ZENworks Configuration Management

+ Novell ZENworks Asset Management

+ Novell ZENworks Patch Management

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