Your data may be exposed...

Your data is exposed to myriad threats, but NTP Software File Auditor provides:

  • A way to spot unwarranted data access, high-risk activities and inappropriate file use
  • The means to simplify compliance with HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations
  • The ability to maintain audit trails for further investigation or legal holds
  • Gain insight into file data use in instances of sensitive data and intellectual property
  • Monitor risky users like consultants and contractors
  • Monitor sensitive files for inapproporiate activity

Data growth makes regulatory compliance difficult. How do you keep track of how and when critical files are being accessed? Do you have a plan for maintaining chain-of-custody in the event of an investigation? Ensure that your entire storage environment benefits from industry-best data control and security with NTP Software File Auditor. By providing policy-based, scalable auditing in a cross-platform solution in real time, NTP Software File Auditor gives you an immediate view of who is accessing what documents across your entire business.



Maintain audit trails of data use for further investigation or legal holds.


Be alerted to unwarranted or abnormal data access by a particular user.


Monitor security and access across multiple storage systems, platforms, and sites with one interface.


Understand user patterns to detect sudden shifts is user behavior.


Reduce the risk of malicious asset destruction, intellectual property theft, or information leaks.


Gain insight into file data use, especially accesses of intellectual property and sensitive data.

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