See the present – Predict the future

Every action we take is informed by something. In business, most people want to make their decisions based on the numbers. The numbers you have—or don’t have—can be the difference between success and failure. That's why NTP Software File Reporter takes the guesswork out of policy making.

What is it? It is a powerful and flexible reporting solution, capable of delivering easy to read and in depth reports, allowing you to hone in on what's important. Don’t think that you have the solution to your storage problems, know that you have the solution to your storage problems.

  • Gain critical insight into the makeup of your file data, from trends to costs and risk
  • Identify problem areas to address immediately
  • Accurately plan and budget based on actual information
  • Have the ability to spot patterns across platforms and data storage types
  • Control the means to allocate costs, generate bills, and create financial models to control the cost of storage growth

How does NTP Software File Reporter do this? With granular, flexible reporting, it tells you everything you need to make well informed, responsible, and profitable decisions when it comes to file data management policies: quotas, file blocking, tiering, even understanding when you’ll need more storage.

It doesn’t end there. In the ever changing world of technology, no one knows what will happen next. What if in a year, a new way to look at old data will emerges? NTP Software File Reporter gives you the ability to write completely customizable reports, so you can leverage new opportunities immediately. What else could you do with that kind of power?



5 Terabytes can easily contain 100 million files. How are you keeping track of them all?


See the trends in your environment before your eyes, and never get caught off guard.


You need to be able to justify your storage aquisitions to your boss.


Have the flexibility to generate broad overviews or drill down to the file or user level.


Know when your storage needs will change and be ready for it.


With insight into how much you'll need, when you'll need it, and why, justifications are easy.

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