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5 reasons to choose Sophos to secure your organization

Innovative Protection

Lightning Performance

Sophisticated Simplicity

User-based Licensing

Flexible Deployment

Innovative Protection

Cutting edge security for today's businesses

Sophos Endpoint Protection integrates a range of innovative technologies to secure your Windows, Mac and Linux systems against malware and advanced threats, such as targeted attacks.

Next Generation technology

Our innovative protection goes way beyond blocking known malware. By correlating suspicious behaviors with threat intelligence from SophosLabs, it identifies attacks that have never been seen before.

But if something does sneak through, you’re still covered by real-time detection that stops active malware in its tracks and removes it so your systems and data are protected.

Comprehensive Approach

It doesn't help to protect your front if you leave your flank exposed. We take a comprehensive approach that protects users from every angle.

  • Anti-malware with Live Protection
  • HIPS
  • Device Control
  • Web security & filtering
  • Application control
  • Mobile Device management
  • Android security... and more

On and off network control

Frustrated with users circumventing your web filtering by taking their computers to another network? Sophos enforces web filtering on the endpoint, giving you the complete control wherever your users work.

Lightning Performance

We keep your users secure without slowing them down, even on older systems

Our lightweight agent and small definition updates (typically about 30KB) mean that initial deployment, updates, and daily use are super-fast and produce minimal overhead.

See how we stack up in the latest AV-Comparatives performance test.

Sophisticated Simplicity

Giving you sophisticated security that is simple to deploy and manage.

  • Easy set-up with sensible default policies
  • Simple point-and-click configuration options
  • Fewer steps to complete key tasks

User-based Licensing

More and more people are using multiple devices — a laptop for the office, a tablet for customer visits and a smartphone for everything in between.

Our per-user licensing is affordable and simple to administer. So your users can add devices without adding to your security overhead.

Flexible Deployment

Choose in the Cloud or on premise – whichever best suits your business.

On Premise

Keep your configuration, policy settings and reporting on your in-house server.

In the Cloud

No management server required. Protect your users’ desktops, laptops and mobile devices in minutes.

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