i-M Suite

i-M SUITE is a cloud based suite of software solutions tailor made to manage a multi center Sales and Distribution network. Designed to work over the internet or the intranet as a web application with centralized database the focus of the i-M SUITE is to bring down the total cost of Information management without sacrificing any process or management tool. Created to run using a simple browser helps deployment. In fact there is no deployment at all as only a regular browser is needed to run the solution. This has been made with special focus on the needs of the multi center S & D network. The software has been created from real time analysis of business systems of varied retailers done by expert group of software professionals, business analysts, managers, statisticians, GUI designers and embedded into optimum business /accounting practices / processes. The suite includes:

i-CSMS (The Central Merchandising cum Central warehousing.)

i-CSMS is the nucleus of the TP Retail suite. All other applications work in tandem with this, receiving the basic information from this. It manages:

Creation of Masters & catalogues and its updation to all other Stores & warehouses. Centralized Merchandising.
Centralized Buying.
Centralized Indenting & Center wise Indenting. Centralized & Distributed Warehousing.
Instantaneous propagation of the all masters and documents to all other relevant centers Centralized Accounting.

i-ROSE (The Regional Office Management System)

i-ROSE is the Regional Office solution of OUR-M SUITE. Except for creating the masters it supports all the functions of i-CSMS . In particular this is to maintain the accounts from all the centers coming under the RO as configured in the i-CSMS.

i-POS (The Store solution)

i-POS is the Application which runs at the Store End. This is just not a billing tool, but an entire inventory management system in itself. It receives its sustenance from the i-CSMS and it's masters all come from the i-CSMS ensuring the uniformity of the data everywhere in the enterprise. It also reports the financial data as Daily Summary to the i- CSMS or i-ROSE. Billing is also bar code enabled supporting custom barcodes, EANI UPC barcodes, and the modules have been all created taking into account the huge number of SK U' s to be handled in a well established multi center S&D network. With Transaction Printer support on a web application as a much required innovation super fast billing is supported in the I-POS.

i-DC (The Distribution Center solution)

i-DC is the application for the Distribution Centers which are not co-located with the i-CSMS. This also has the entire Inventory Management System built into it , and as is the case of i-POS receives its sustenance from the i-CSMS and all its masters come from the i-CSMS ensuring the uniformity of the data everywhere in the enterprise. It also reports the financial data as Daily Summary to the i-CSMS or i-ROSE. Bar Code Printing Module has been integrated into the major goods movement modules to facilitate billing and stock transaction modules using barcodes at all the centers.

i-MINE (The Corporate Data Roll Up& Data Mine)

i-MINE is both the Corporate Data Roll up and the Data mine of the i-M SUITE. The Data is rolled up and stored for fast retrieval, and Analytical Processing. Moreover Data is also mined so that minute details can als o be examined centrally. In fact bill wise sales data can be analyzed in i-MINE. Along with the Rolled up data this gives total control of all operations from a Central Location. With Store wise, Zone wise Product wise Transaction details being its salient point, the entire lot of reports made into this makes it an all powerful Analytical tool to inspect any part of the system . Additional Tools to help the set the Reorder levels and to profile the products store wise works in tandem with the Centralized Indenting & Redistribution Tools to make i-MINE a gigantic tool.

i-NET (The Internet components)

i-NET is the internet face of the i-MSUITE mostly used for the external users of the system like the Vendors Customers and others. Enables registered customers, the suppliers and the mobile corporate officers to log in and view the relevant information. With supplier extra net an integral part of the i-NET which integrates directly with the Order system of the interface i-NET is also a Supply Chain Efficiency multiplier. A great Convergence Tool converging the Corporate , Store, Warehouse Customer, Vendor the Customer Support call Center.

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