TR Retail Suite

TP Retail Suite is a compelling suite of technologies adapted for India & the Emerging Markets. The solutions, which are integrated, are robust and meet the dynamic challenges of the available infrastructure in the markets. Retail chains and single stores, which have used these solutions, have attained critical capabilities that are needed to achieve market leadership, profitability and other aspects of day to day pharmacy retailing. The suite includes a wide range of solution which will suit any specific requirements.

TP-POSPRO (The POS solution for the stores in the chain)

Point of Sale. Fast Billing.
Full fledged support for UPC/EAN and store specific barcodes.
Support for all Service & Product billing.
IPD/OPD billing for hospital pharmacies.
Indents to warehouses. Goods Transfer between centers of the chain.
Local Purchases/ DSD Purchase support.
Store level accounting. Loyalty Program.
Earn and redeem points on the fly.
Earn Points based on Card Type and time of sale.
Customer Price Matrix for customer centric pricing.
Quick Search on Customers and their Purchase history.
Tracking of Customers at store and enterprise level.
Prescription Reminder systems.
TP inventions adhoc product or adhoc batch billing with strong regularization tools to enable fast billing even when product
TP goodies like Bounced Medicines info capture now industry standard.
TP Product info Window lovingly called EYE.
TP Search Stock at other Stores in EYE.
Robust Shift handling systems.
Support for multiple Cash Drops. Shift settlements.
Quick Shift / till transfer in tandem with Cash drops and shift settlements.
Support for POS peripherals. POLE Display. Transaction Printers.
Magnetic swipe cards. Barcode scanners. Cash drawers.

TP-WH (The warehousing solution for the Warehouses / DCs in the chain)

Decentralized Buying.
GRN’s based on Decentralized and in Centralized Buying.
Work Flow support in Buying.
Warehouse registers and Receiving Bays.
Barcode Printing.
Indents from the Stores.
Indent Fulfillments and escalated indents.
Aggregated Indent Picking.
Multi Store Indent Picking.
Indent Conflict Resolver – A TP invention.
Just In Time Supply of select items to the store, in tandem with
uptotime sales information.
Purchase Invoices Data captured under different templates to ensure different
models of invoices.
Support for Posting of GRN’s.
EDI support for supplier invoices, using templates.
Scanning of invoices and uploading to the central
systems leading to paper less office.
Different Types of Purchase returns to support pharma specific needs.

TP-ROSE (The Regional Office solution more like CSMS)

Regional office Accounting solution.
Accounts from all warehouses and the stores aggregated.
Region wise supplier payments & complete accounting.

TP-CSMS (The Nucleus of the retail suite.)

Centralized Master creation and Propagation.
Centralized Merchandising.
Centralized Buying.
Centralized Warehousing.
POS functions at Central Offices.
Centralized Accounting.
Centralized Customer Loyalty Program

ReSTORM (The corporate data roll up and data mine)

The Corporate Data Roll UP & Data Mine.
THE OLAP of the suite.
Designed to hold years and years of Data.
The Enterprise MIS.
Centralized Store Reorder System.
The Data Mine.
Online Information of The Stores.
Enterprise wide Central Planner.
Centralized Stock Audit Information.

TP-NET (The Internet components of the TP Retail Suite)

Data served directly from the ReStorM.
The Net components of the TP retail suite.
Loyalty Customer Logins.
Door Delivery through the net.
Prescription Reminder System.
Call center logins for door delivery and prescription reminder system.
Supplier Extra Net.
Corporate Logins for dynamic net view of information.
Neighborhood doctor login.
Fully integrated with the ERP.

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