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  • Quantum Technologies

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  • Compute

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Explore Our Products

  • Machine Learning

    Build with powerful services and platforms, and the broadest machine learning framework support anywhere.

  • Containers

    Package and deploy applications that are lightweight and provide a consistent, portable software environment for applications to easily run and scale anywhere.

  • Analytics & Data Lakes

    Securely store, categorize, and analyze all your data in one, centralized repository.

  • Enterprise Applications

    Build with a mature set of services specifically designed for the unique security, compliance, privacy, and governance requirements of large organizations.

  • Internet of Things

    A system of ubiquitous devices connecting the physical world to the cloud.

  • Storage

    Durable, cost-effective options for backup, disaster recovery, and data archiving at petabyte scale.

  • Serverless Computing

    Build and run applications and services without thinking about servers.

  • Windows Workloads

    Flexible, scalable compute capacity for Microsoft applications. Easily manage and secure Windows workloads.

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