Gigamon Visibility Platform

The Data-in-Motion Dilemma

Your network is a rich source of data in motion–the data that runs your business. It's also an ever-expanding source of complexity, risk and cost that can easily overwhelm your security and monitoring tools . . . and team.

Warning: Low Visibility

75 percent of organizations need better network visibility.

Close the Gap

Infographic: Close the visibility gap

Accelerate Threat Mitigation

Prevent, detect, predict and contain network threats quickly and effectively.

Rethink Security

See more. Secure more. Build an effective Security Delivery Platform.

Pervasive visibility - a new approach

Integrated with your network, your tools and applications, the Gigamon Visibility Platform provides pervasive and consistent visibility into the data in motion across your entire network—whether physical, virtual or in the cloud. This extensive platform allows you to effectively manage, secure and understand all the traffic traversing your network.

Endorsed by technology leaders

Gigamon offers a complete visibility solution that is agnostic to the network monitoring and security tools you've deployed. Use your existing firewalls, IPS, DLP and anti-malware solutions; Gigamon will make them more effective. Complemented by an open, extensive and growing ecosystem of technology partners, only Gigamon offers the simplicity, breadth and depth needed to support the network optimization and security needs of organizations of all types and sizes.

The New Defender Lifecycle Model

Automate and accelerate threat identification and mitigation using the Defender Lifecycle Model.

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