Business Solutions 

Take advantage of the power of business mobility no matter what industry you're in. Our solutions provide built-in security, instant provisioning of end user environments and a unified platform across private, public and managed clouds.

Business Mobility

Business mobility is the core of workspace innovation. It takes advantage of advances in mobile technologies and mobile styles of work to create a new business environment where employees can be more effective.

Cyber Risk and Compliance

VMware Compliance and Cyber Risk Solutions combine VMware and partner technologies to address compliance concerns in highly regulated environments such as PCI, FedRAMP/FISMA, CJIS and HIPAA/HITECH.

IT Outcomes

IT outcomes are key enterprise-scale initiatives, ranging from data center virtualization to security controls, that quickly and cost-effectively drive great business results without compromising security, control or choice.

One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device

VMware enables a software-defined approach to business and IT with our One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device™ architecture that empowers organizations to compete and succeed in the digital economy.

Trust and Assurance

VMware is taking a proactive approach to increasing customer transparency with the VMware Trust and Assurance Framework, which includes the four key building blocks of Reliability, Integrity, Security and Commitment.

vCloud Air Network Services

The VMware vCloud Air Network is an ecosystem of over 4,000 service providers located in more than 100 countries offering VMware-based cloud services. Local providers ensure data sovereignty while providing a wide range of cloud services and vertical market expertise through specialized compliance and certifications.

Technology Solutions 

Extend the power of virtualization to networking and storage. Our "one cloud" solutions, based on software-defined data center (SDDC) technologies, give you new security models, instant deployment and full management capabilities.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

IT organizations are continuously challenged with protecting business-critical applications and data against various causes of downtime. VMware delivers a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that provides high availability, data protection and disaster recovery.

Cloud Computing

VMware cloud computing services let you run both new and legacy applications in the cloud. You get the best of both worlds: leverage your existing investments while still gaining the agility and cost-effectiveness of a public cloud.

Cloud Management Platform

Effectively manage the complete lifecycle of services delivered in a hybrid cloud environment.

Software Defined Data Center

VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center architecture brings together best-in-class compute, storage, networking virtualization and management offerings.


Virtualization is a proven software technology that makes it possible to run multiple operating systems and applications on the same server at the same time. It’s transforming the IT landscape and fundamentally changing the way that people utilize technology.

Virtualization Management

Simplify and automate your data center with consistent management, intelligent operations, and built-in automation.

Virtualizing Business Critical Applications

Virtualizing critical applications on vSphere improves their health and administration.

Information for 

Learn more about the new fluid model of IT and our "one cloud, any application, any device" architecture for businesses of any size.

Application Developers

Learn about our infrastructure technologies to open, common standards that preserve security, performance and ease-of-use, from developer desktop to the production stack.


Get the latest leadership strategies, news, research, trends and industry-specific insights for CIOs across all industries.

Service Providers

Learn about the vCloud Air Network Program for companies who provide hosted services to third parties, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers, cloud service providers (CSPs), application service providers (ASPs), Internet service providers (ISPs) and platform as a service (PaaS) providers.

Small & Medium Businesses

See how VMware can simplify IT for small and midsize businesses, making IT simpler, more reliable and less costly.

Industry Solutions 

A virtual infrastructure can help you optimize your IT resources and deliver high availability. From desktops through the data center and to the cloud, we offer you better-than-physical security, performance and management.


Introduce new services, business models and enhanced security to the automotive era of connected cars.


Learn how our virtualization and cloud computing technologies are helping academic institutions reduce costs while improving education and fostering greater staff collaboration.

Financial Services

Financial service firms benefit from VMware virtualization and cloud computing with real-time data management and support for remote and branch offices.


Government IT can reduce IT infrastructure and operating costs while improving application availability and delivery with VMware virtualization, mobility and cloud solutions.


Increase the quality and reach of patient care with always-available access to electronic medical records while keeping data secure.


Manufacturers can maximize productivity with 24/7 uptime and secure delivery of data and applications all over the world with our server and desktop virtualization solutions.


Improve in-store shopping experiences with VMware Real-Time Customer Interaction.


Communication Service Providers can have rapid deployment, operational flexibility and cost savings through cloud-based network deployment with vCloud NFV.

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