Less time on administration. More time in innovation.

Time is your most valuable asset.

Time is your most valuable asset. The way you spend it is critical to the success of your organization -- especially now that technology and business move faster than ever. But if you are like most organizations, you are spending about 75% of your time just managing the complexity of current systems to accommodate evolving business demands. This complexity impacts your staff, infrastructure, data, and applications -– leaving you struggling to keep up. You're also left with precious few hours each week to focus on what you need to compete: Strong security, cloud-based applications, data-driven decisions, and mobility for the workforce.

It's time for change.

We believe it's time for a change in how you manage systems and information. Our software solutions simplify IT operations at more than 100,000 organizations worldwide. Rely on us to help you turn data into insights quicker, modernize your infrastructure faster for the cloud, optimize the application experience, and get control of every device that touches your network.

It's Time: Are You Ready?

Solutions that simplify systems & information management

We let you spend less time on technology administration, so you can spend more time on business innovation. It's time for you to be ready for what's next, because what's next is here now. Explore our solutions to learn more.

Database Management

Automate development and administration tasks to increase productivity, optimize performance, ensure top-quality code and reduce costs.

Data Protection

Leverage an always-on, easy-to-manage infrastructure that delivers a full-system, instant recovery to get back online in under 15 minutes.

Endpoint Systems Management

Easily provision, manage, secure, and service your growing organization's network-connected devices with integrated appliances that deliver fast ROI.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Continually assess, monitor and control your environment to simplify GDPR compliance in Microsoft environments.

Identity & Access Management

Reduce compexity and save time in governing identities, managing privileged accounts and controlling access.

Microsoft Platform Management

Automate migration, management and security functions for Active Directory®, Exchange, Lync®, SharePoint®, Office 365™ and more.

Performance Monitoring

Maximize the performance and availability of key applications and databases while simplifying management -- for the best possible user experience.


Active Administrator

Streamline Active Directory security and Group Policy Management

Active Administrator for Active Directory Health

Ensure the health and availability of AD with troubleshooting and diagnostics tools.

Active Administrator for Azure Active Directory

Streamline hybrid Azure AD/on-premises AD management from a single console

Active Administrator for Certificate Management

Easily manage digital certificate lifecycles with a single console

Active Administrator for DNS Management

Proactively manage, monitor and alert on DNS server health from a single console

Active Roles

Simplify the security of your Active Directory

Archive Manager

Simplify email retention, preservation and discovery

Asset Manager Discovery Edition

Speed migrations with powerful software discovery, recognition and metering

Authentication Services

Extend the compliance and security of Active Directory to your enterprise

Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite

Match your backup to your business and increase capacity as your business grows

Benchmark Factory for Databases

Save time troubleshooting production issues, and quickly implement new applications.


Easily move data between HP 3000 and open systems

Change Auditor for Active Directory

Ensure security, compliance and control of AD and Azure AD.

Change Auditor for Active Directory Queries

Simplify and refine LDAP query data

Change Auditor for EMC

Audit all events related to file activity and permissions on your EMC NAS devices.

Change Auditor for Exchange

Document all critical group, mailbox and public/private changes to Exchange

Change Auditor for FluidFS

Audit all events related to file activity and permissions on your FluidFS NAS devices.

Change Auditor for Logon Activity

Get answers to critical security and compliance questions

Change Auditor for NetApp

Audit all events related to file activity and permissions on your NetApp NAS devices.

Change Auditor for SharePoint

Enable faster, easier and more secure Microsoft SharePoint auditing

Change Auditor for Skype for Business

Strengthen policy enforcement with proactive Lync management

Change Auditor for SQL Server

Efficiently track, audit, report and alert on changes to Microsoft SQL Server in real time

Change Auditor for VMware vCenter

Ensure the security, compliance and control of event activity of VMware vCenter Servers

Change Auditor for Windows File Servers

Track, audit and receive reports on all Windows File Server real-time system changes

Cloud Access Manager

Get unified and secure access to overcome your most-pressing challenges

Coexistence Manager for GroupWise

Ensure ZeroIMPACT GroupWise and Exchange coexistence

Coexistence Manager for Notes

Ensure the accuracy of email, calendar data and active mail

Collaboration Services

Maintain secure boundaries between Exchange organizations and Active Directory forests

Connect for Cloud

A cloud based, managed-service offering, Connect for Cloud extends the governance capabilities


Enhance security with two-factor authentication.

Defender Mainframe Edition

Enable two-factor authentication for IBM System z mainframe networks or single business transactions

Desktop Authority Management Suite

Proactively configure, manage, secure and support all of your desktops

DL Series Backup and Recovery Appliances

Backup, recovery and DR in one appliance-based solution that's easy-to-use and scalable.

DL1300 Backup and Recovery Appliance

Get the power of AppAssure in an affordable, turn-key, easy-to-use appliance, delivering simplified

DL4300 Backup and Recovery Appliance

Protect data and applications from unexpected failures

Domain Statistics Wizard

Collect statistical data from your Microsoft infrastructure to determine number of licenses needed

DR Series Disk Backup Appliances

Avoid babysitting backups and running out of capacity with our deduplication appliances.

DR2000v Disk Backup Virtual Appliance

Avoid budget overruns or ripping and replacing your backup with this dedup appliance.

DR4300 Disk Backup Appliance

Easily reduce storage, replication bandwidth requirements and backup windows.

DR4300e Disk Backup Appliance

Reduce your backup footprint, protect your business and speed data recovery

DR6300 Disk Backup Appliance

Shrink backup windows and slash storage requirements without replacing existing systems.

Enterprise Reporter for Active Directory

Gain deep visibility into discovery, reporting and project planning on AD and Azure AD

Enterprise Reporter for Exchange

Gain valuable security insights into Exchange and Exchange Online

Enterprise Reporter for File Storage Analysis

Easily perform capacity planning with efficient file storage analysis and reporting

Enterprise Reporter for Office 365

Secure your Microsoft cloud resources by gaining visibility into permissions and more

Enterprise Reporter for SQL Server

Gain in-depth visibility into SQL Server database configuration, permissions and more

Enterprise Reporter for Windows Servers

Simplify discovery, reporting, and assessment on Windows Servers, NAS, and OneDrive for Business

Enterprise Reporter Suite

Simplify Microsoft on-premises and cloud-based platform security and compliance reporting

Enterprise Single Sign-on

Utilize existing Active Directory identities to simplify single sign-on

Foglight Application Performance Monitoring

Application performance monitoring that blends business context with deep technical insight.

Foglight Capacity Director

Complete capacity lifecycle management for your virtual infrastructure.

Foglight for .NET

Simplify performance monitoring of .NET applications

Foglight for Active Directory

Quickly detect, diagnose and resolve virtual and physical Active Directory performance problems

Foglight for Cassandra SMA Edition

Rapidly detect, diagnose and fix issues across physical, virtual and cloud-based servers.

Foglight for Cross-Platform Databases

Consolidate and standardize database performance management across diverse environments.

Foglight for DB2

Provide scalable, intelligent, web-based monitoring 24x7 with ease

Foglight for Exchange

Quickly detect, diagnose and resolve virtual and physical Microsoft Exchange performance problems

Foglight for Java

Simplify Java application performance monitoring

Foglight for MongoDB SMA Edition

Rapidly detect, diagnose and fix issues across physical, virtual and cloud-based servers.

Foglight for MySQL SMA Edition

Rapidly detect, diagnose and fix issues across physical, virtual and cloud-based servers.

Foglight for Operating Systems

Simplify performance monitoring of operating systems

Foglight for Oracle

Deliver remote database monitoring and compare performance data across the IT environment

Foglight for PostgreSQL SMA Edition

Rapidly detect, diagnose and fix issues across physical, virtual and cloud-based servers.

Foglight for SQL Server

Easily optimize SQL Server database performance

Foglight for Storage Management

Visualize, analyze and optimize storage infrastructure with in-depth analysis and expert advice

Foglight for Sybase

Resolve issues faster with continuous, scalable, web-based Sybase database monitoring.

Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition

Visualize, analyze and optimize your virtual infrastructure

Foglight User Experience Management

Simplify performance monitoring of users


Manage and monitor MultSess, NC-Access and NCI/XF


Control and simplify Group Policy management.

Identity Manager

Streamline user identity management, privilege access and security

Identity Manager-Data Governance Edition

Provide security and access rights to the appropriate users


Securely collect, store and receive event data from Windows, Unix and Linux systems

IT Security Search

Easily correlate disparate IT data into an interactive search engine.

KACE as a Service

Easily manage, secure and service all your network-connected devices from the cloud

KACE Asset Management Appliance

Identify and track IT assets across a variety of operating systems

KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager

Easily identify and manage the mobile devices on your network.

KACE Express

Easily inventory all your Windows-based systems, for free

KACE Go Mobile App

Get real-time, in-field system management with this help desk app

KACE Systems Deployment Appliance

Easily perform initial provisioning and administration of system images and driver updates

KACE Systems Management Appliance

Manage any endpoint with a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution

Knowledge Portal

Facilitate scheduled and ad hoc reporting, all at once or granularly, to gain a complete summary

LiteSpeed for SQL Server

Minimize backup size and duration with high-speed SQL Server backup, compression and restore.

Migration Manager for Active Directory

Ensure true coexistence between migrated and unmigrated users while restructuring Active Directory

Migration Manager for Email Archives

Scalable, multi-threaded migration solution for ZeroIMPACT email archive migrations.

Migration Manager for Exchange

Mitigate Exchange migration, consolidation and restructuring risks

Migration Manager for PSTs

Migrate PST files to Exchange 2010/2013 or Office 365 with ZeroIMPACT

Migrator for GroupWise

Simplify GroupWise migration while reducing downtime and data loss.

Migrator for Notes to Exchange

Ensure a ZeroIMPACT migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365 and Exchange.

Migrator for Notes to SharePoint

Migrate Lotus Notes, QuickPlace/Quickr and Domino.Doc applications to SharePoint


Boost productivity and access multiple applications easily


Simplify advanced printing capabilities to all of your HP 3000 users


Utilize a flexible, full-feature session manager for OS/390 or z/OS


Customize, extend and develop a single-point of entry for VTAM network systems


Increase network security by limiting users to permitted applications via a user ID and password


Synchronize passwords across multiple systems, servers, networks and applications

NetVault Backup

Get secure data and applications in both physical and virtual environments

On Demand Migration for Email

Securely migrate user data to Office 365 without software installation

On Demand Policy Management for Exchange Online

Dynamic Exchange Online policy enforcement based on Active Directory group membership.

On Demand Policy Management for Skype for Business...

Dynamically enforce Skype for Business Online policies based on AD group membership.

On Demand Recovery for Azure Active Directory

SaaS solution for fast, secure Azure AD and Office 365 backup and recovery.

One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords

Secure, control and automate the process of granting privileged access

One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions

Grant privileged access for a specific period or session with full recording and replay

Password Manager

Give users the power to reset forgotten passwords securely

Privilege Manager for Sudo

Enhance Sudo 1.8.1 with a central policy server, centralized sudo management and reporting

Privilege Manager for Unix

Define policies for root function access, as well as when and where this access is performed

Privileged Access Suite for Unix

Easily overcome security and admin challenges inherent in UNIX-based systems

Privileged Password Manager

Secure and automate the process of providing access to privileged accounts and passwords

Privileged Session Manager

Issue, record and control access to privileged accounts to enhance security


Supercharged solution to manage, optimize and protect your virtual environment.

Rapid Recovery

ZeroIMPACT recovery – anything to anywhere – physical, virtual and in the cloud.

Recovery Manager for Active Directory

Reduce backup recovery time and costs to reduce user impact

Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition

Recover Active Directory forest configuration and data with ease

Recovery Manager for Exchange

Quickly and easily recover Exchange and email data without a dedicated recovery server

RemoteScan Enterprise

Access TWAIN scanners connected directly to client workstations

RemoteScan Enterprise User Edition

Scan directly from your workstations without compromising network security

RemoteScan for LANs

Easily share a single document scanner with multiple users across the LAN

RemoteScan Universal

Get error-free network document scanning for VDI and TS/RDSH users

RemoteScan Universal User Edition

Scan from a TWAIN- or WIA-compliant desktop or network scanner hosted software with an ISIS driver

Secure Copy

Get a fast and easy automated solution for migrating data, shares, printers and more with security

Security Explorer

Manage Microsoft server security in real time from a single platform.


Achieve ZeroIMPACT database replication with the affordable golden alternative.

Space Manager with LiveReorg

Deliver capacity optimization, Oracle reorganization and peak performance with ease

Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

Diagnose SQL Server performance issues quickly and accurately for a healthy database infrastructure

Spotlight on Unix/Linux

Discover congested areas and quickly respond to performance problems before they impact end users

Spotlight on Windows

See real-time Windows data flow to quickly identify and resolve performance problems

SQL Navigator

Write, edit and maintain database objects through automation and an easy-to-use graphical interface

Starling Identity Analytics & Risk Intelligence

Detect threats and efficiently inspect anomalies so that you can make decisions and remediate risk

Starling Two-Factor Authentication

Secure your organization and keep your users productive.


Automate, secure and streamline your application change management processes.

Stat for Oracle E-Business Suite

Simplify change management requirements for Oracle E-Business Suite applications

Stat for PeopleSoft

Simplify change management requirements for PeopleSoft applications.

Toad Data Modeler

Create high-quality data models and easily deploy accurate changes to data structures

Toad Data Point

Simplify data access, preparation and provisioning.

Toad Edge

Simplify development and management of MySQL databases.

Toad for Hadoop

Understand and query Hadoop with an easy-to-use Toad interface.

Toad for IBM DB2

Improve and accelerate daily development and administrative tasks on Linux, Unix and Windows

Toad for Oracle

Develop and manage Oracle databases with less time and effort.

Toad for SAP Solutions

Streamline SAP development and administration.

Toad for SQL Server

Reduce time spent on SQL Server application development and database administration.

Toad Intelligence Central

Seamlessly share data, files and projects across Toad teams. It's time to connect.

Unified Communications Analytics

Capture, analyze and act on information about workforce activities and business processes.

Unified Communications Command Suite

Flexible unified communications management, reporting and diagnostics

Unified Communications Diagnostics

Optimize the performance and availability of your UC systems with detection and troubleshooting.


Accelerate VMware backup and replication while dramatically reducing storage requirements

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