Modern IT needs Enterprise Linux Servers

Agile. Mission-Critical Ready. Secure.

Be ready for the modern IT needs with Enterprise Linux

Globally, enterprises are looking for "open" open source solutions that allow them to innovate freely, be agile in meeting today's needs & continuously prepare for tomorrow's technology, while supporting mission-critical applications that demand security, availability, and global support.

IDC reports that organizations of all sizes now embrace Linux for mission-critical computing tasks, taking advantage of capabilities such as high availability, geo clustering, live patching, and full system rollbacks.

Linux now accounts for over 39% of server operating systems.

Agile Platform for Linux Servers

Agile IT needs Agile Platform

For your data center or enterprise, you are faced with diverse & often competing needs.

You may be looking at containerization of micro-services, supporting your DevOps teams with open source based tools and applications, or deploying your applications in the cloud.

On the other end of spectrum, ERP/SAP applications can be quite complex. They require tried-and-tested operating system backed by global support & broad range of hardware platform support. Over the years Enterprise Linux servers have become a standard choice to deploy SAP applications.

Whether you are deploying containers or complex ERP/SAP applications, Enterprise Linux servers provide a solid foundation for you to meet all your business needs.

Mission-Critical Ready

Deploy services with 99.999% availability

"Your digital business ecosystem consists of customers, partners, suppliers, and employees, and every stakeholder in this ecosystem expects your services to be available 24x7x365 in a seamless fashion."*

In order to get on the path towards deploying highly available services, here are a few requirements to consider:

  • Use clustering solutions to provide high availability environment for physical as well as virtual Linux servers. In addition, capability to simultaneously improve service availability and resource utilization.
  • Adopting modern patching technologies to apply security patches without stopping the system so you can avoid downtime. Security & compliance may require patching systems immediately to minimize exposure to potential malicious attack and at the same time business needs may dictate zero downtime for the impacted systems.
  • Stay cost-effective with an ability to support a broad range of hardware platforms—Mainframes IBM z System & LinuxONE, Midrange servers powered by IBM POWER8 and scalable Intel/AMD/ARM 64-bit servers.
  • According to Gartner, enterprise IT budgets are flat or increasing only slightly, implying IT has to meet the storage, processing and networking needs while reducing both capital and operating expenses.**
  • Optimize virtualization from a broad set of virtualization technologies—open source hypervisors (KVM & Xen) & commercial hypervisors (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, IBM hypervisor z/VM)

*Building The Always-On, Always-Available Enterprise—Forrester Research

**Gartner Says Global IT Spending to Reach $3.5 Trillion in 2017


Build-in security rather than add-on

With Enterprise Linux, you can build-in security in your IT infrastructure so you are prepared for toughest security needs.

Building on the Enterprise Linux OS certified with Common Criteria EAL4+ and FIPS 140-2 provides you verified security functionality and quality assurance. Whether you are doing business with Federal Government, FISMA regulated entities or global organizations, deploying systems with appropriate security certifications sets up a solid foundation.

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, security certifications stay valid with OS version updates, so costly re-certifications are avoided and stability of systems is maintained.

In addition, you gain the operating system capability to apply security patches on live running systems minimizing exposure to potential malicious attacks as well as keeping your business running at all times.

Further, you can use the same tools to secure your container images as the OS, so your agile environment is also kept secure from vulnerabilities.

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