COBOL Development & Mainframe

Modernize COBOL and PL/I application delivery using Agile, DevOps, and next-gen technologies.


    New tools for modern COBOL development.

  • Visual COBOL
  • Net Express/Server Express
  • COBOL Analyzer

Enterprise Suite

Modernize mainframe applications.

  • Enterprise Analyzer
  • Enterprise Developer
  • Enterprise Sync
  • Enterprise Test Server
  • Enterprise Server
  • Enterprise Server for .NET

  • Collaboration

    Mobile, collaborative tools that help teams work together.


      Helping teams work together.

    • GroupWise
    • GroupWise Forensics
    • GroupWise Mailbox Management
    • GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring
    • Vibe


    Immediate, easy, and secure access to information for your business.

  • Retain Unified Archiving
  • + Retain Email
  • + Retain Mobile
  • + Retain Social
  • Retain Cloud Archiving
  • Secure Gateway

    Enterprise email and network protection: anti-virus, anti-spam.

  • Micro Focus Secure Gateway
  • Micro Focus Secure Cloud Gateway
  • Recovery & Backup

    Failover, backup, and disaster recovery for GroupWise email.

  • GroupWise Disaster Recovery
  • GroupWise Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Data Center Solutions

    Deliver always-available IT services, applications, and systems, on premises or in the cloud.

      Infrastructure & Application Monitoring

      Monitor the performance of applications and infrastructure.

    • AppManager
    • + Analysis Center

    UC/VoIP Monitoring & Management

    Improve UC/VoIP quality and speed deployments.

  • AppManager
  • Vivinet Assessor
  • Vivinet Diagnostics
  • IT Service Management & Visualization

    Create IT service delivery maps and customized dashboards.

  • Operations Center
  • IT & Business Process Automation

    Get more work done more efficiently.

  • Solutions Business Manager

  • Data Center Transformation

    Move, copy, and protect servers.

      Cloud & Data Center Migration

      Anywhere-to-anywhere server migrations: on time, on budget, and with the lowest risk.

    • PlateSpin Migrate
    • PlateSpin Transformation Manager
    • PlateSpin Recon

    Disaster Recovery

    Recover your servers in minutes or hours, not days.

  • PlateSpin Forge
  • PlateSpin Protect

  • Endpoint Management

    Enable your workspace and free up IT by letting users serve themselves.

      Unified Endpoint Management

      Manage every endpoint across the lifecycle.

    • ZENworks Configuration Management
    • Micro Focus Desktop Containers
    • ZENworks Suite

    Software Asset Management

    Integrate inventory, software usage, and license reconciliation.

  • ZENworks Asset Management
  • Endpoint Security

    Protect your devices and data.

  • ZENworks Patch Management
  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Management
  • ZENworks Full Disk Encryption
  • Mobile Management

    Manage and secure mobile access.

  • ZENworks Mobile Workspace
  • Mobile Management
  • ITmd

    Tap into the advantages of ITIL.

  • Micro Focus Service Desk

  • File & Networking Services

    Powerful file and print services.

      File & Print Services

      Cost-effective file, print, and storage services.

    • Open Enterprise Server
    • + Business Continuity Clustering
    • + Cluster Services
    • Filr
    • Micro Focus iPrint
    • Open Workgroup Suite


    Scalability and performance for the enterprise.

  • OArtix
  • OOpenFusion
  • OOrbix
  • OOrbacus
  • OVisiBroker
  • File Management

    Find, manage, and relocate files and data.

  • Storage Manager
  • File Reporter
  • File Management Suite
  • Enterprise File Sharing

    Secure file collaboration.

  • Filr

  • Identity & Access Management

    Immediate, easy, and secure access to information for your business.

      Access Management

      Security across cloud, mobile, and enterprise.

    • Access Manager
    • Advanced Authentication
    • SecureLogin
    • Self Service Password Reset

    Identity Governance

    Govern secure data and meet compliance regulations.

  • Identity Governance
  • Identity Manager
  • Identity Tracking for Identity Manager

  • Information Archiving

    Unified archiving of email, mobile, and social media.


      Immediate, easy, and secure access to information for your business.

    • Retain Unified Archiving
    • + Retain Email
    • + Retain Mobile
    • + Retain Social
    • Retain Cloud Archiving

    Security Management

    Real-time security intelligence to rapidly spot abnormal activity and respond to potential threats.

      Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

      Improve security with visibility into the full spectrum of IT activities.

    • Sentinel
    • Sentinel Log Manager li>

      Change and State Monitoring

      Proactively manage risk from changes across business-critical systems.

    • Change Guardian
    • Directory & Resource Admin
    • Exchange Administrator
    • Group Policy Administrator
    • Privileged Account Manager
    • Secure Configuration Manager
    • Security Solutions for iSeries

    Software Delivery & Testing

    Accelerated delivery. Continuous quality.


      Produce the best user experience.

    • Comparex
    • DevPartner
    • Silk Central
    • Silk Mobile
    • Silk Performer
    • Silk Performance Manager
    • Silk Performer CloudBurst
    • Silk Test
    • Silk TestPartner
    • Silk WebDriver
    • Silk WebMeter


      Solutions for mdooth delivery.

    • AccuRev
    • ChangeMan Smd
    • Deployment Automation
    • Micro Focus Connect
    • Solutions Business Manager
    • Release Control
    • StarTeam
    • Rhythm
    • Service Support Manager
    • Service Support Manager on Demand


      Support for all workloads.

    • ChangeMan ZMF
    • Dimensions CM
    • PVCS
    • StarTool FDM
    • StarTool DA


      Stay organized for efficient processes.

    • Atlas
    • Caliber
    • Dimensions RM
    • Service-Request-Center
    • Together

    Terminal Emulation

    Modern host access: secure, manageable, and easy to use.

      Terminal Emulation

      Modernize the host-access experience.

    • Reflection
    • Extra!
    • InfoConnect Desktop
    • Host Access Management & Security Server
    • Rumba+ Desktop

      Secure File Transfer

      Protect files on the move.

    • Reflection for Secure IT

      PC X Server

      Connect Windows desktops to graphical X applications.

    • Reflection Desktop for X

      Legacy Integration

      Retain the power of legacy apps.

    • Databridge
    • Verastream

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