Optimized for cloud and containers

JBoss EAP 7 is built to provide simplified deployment and full Java™ EE performance for applications in any environment. Whether on-premise or in virtual, private, public, and hybrid clouds, JBoss EAP features a modular architecture that starts services only as they are required. The extreme low memory footprint and fast startup times mean that JBoss EAP is ideal for environments where efficient resource utilization is a priority, such as Red Hat OpenShift.

Lightweight, flexible architecture

JBoss EAP 7 is built for high performance and maximum flexibility in modern application environments. Its extremely modular architecture and services-driven set of components reduces scale-out times and provides flexibility for applications deployed in different environments. Well-suited for microservices and traditional applications, JBoss EAP offers the flexibility to build the applications your business requires—from traditional to new web-scale, microservices applications.

More productive developers

JBoss EAP allows developers to be more productive and responsive to line-of-business demands. Support for Java EE and a wide range of Java EE web-based frameworks, such as Spring, Spring Web Flow, Spring WS, Spring Security, Arquillian, AngularJS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, and Google Web Toolkit (GWT) comes standard. Use JBoss EAP with common DevOps tools to maximize productivity, decrease quality issues, and get new apps out to market faster.

Flexible management, configuration, and administration

JBoss EAP 7 maximizes administrative productivity by making it easy to maintain and update your deployments. JBoss EAP 7 features an updated management console user interface with intuitive navigation and support for large-scale domain configurations. The updated command-line interface provides a quick, unified view into configurations and subsystems, while offering the ability to manage servers offline. This can be used with popular configuration management tools, such as Ansible Tower by Red Hat or Puppet—making editing XML configuration files unnecessary.

Flexible, future-friendly subscription model

A subscription to JBoss EAP provides you both technical and business flexibility. Eliminate upfront, binding licensing decisions that lock you into specific deployment environments, hardware machines, infrastructure, or levels of enterprise support. With a Red Hat subscription, you're free to build your application and then decide where and how you'll deploy.


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