Extend integration to the outer edges of your enterprise

To respond to business demands quickly and efficiently, you need a way to integrate the applications and data spread across your enterprise. Red Hat® JBoss® A-MQ—based on the Apache ActiveMQ open source project—is a flexible, high-performance messaging platform that delivers information reliably, enabling real-time integration and connecting the Internet of Things (IoT).

Red Hat JBoss A-MQ for xPaaS extends the capabilities to our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, Red Hat OpenShift, for messaging services in the cloud.


What you can do with Red Hat JBoss A-MQ

Unlock enterprise assets with real-time messaging—integrate applications, endpoints and devices.

Reliably and scalably connect IoT.

Improve operations, customer experience by deploying customized, real-time solutions at every device, distributor, outlet, and partner.

Deploy a robust messaging solution to support application platforms, enterprise service bus (ESB) platforms, or service-oriented architecture (SOA) platforms.

Avoid vendor dependency and significantly cut your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Connect almost everything

The small footprint and adherence to standards of Red Hat JBoss A-MQ make it possible to connect nearly everything. You can deploy and easily manage it in any configuration, so you can deploy a network of brokers across your infrastructure whether they're on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid configuration.

Real-time integration

Using various messaging patterns to support real-time messaging, Red Hat JBoss A-MQ integrates applications, endpoints, and devices quickly and efficiently. As a result, your enterprise is more responsive and agile.

Flexible configuration, multiple deployment options

Red Hat JBoss A-MQ is based on Apache Karaf, a lightweight container that provides dynamic configuration and multiple deployment options. This flexible architecture lets you deploy Red Hat JBoss A-MQ in various configurations to connect customized solutions at every endpoint, distributor, outlet, partner, or device. And with Red Hat JBoss A-MQ for xPaaS you can develop, deploy, and manage messaging solutions in the cloud.

Multilanguage client support

Red Hat JBoss A-MQ supports connectivity from client programs written in multiple languages. In addition to Java™ clients, native connectivity from C, C++, Python, .Net, and more is supported. Streaming Text Orientated Messaging Protocol (STOMP) support provides messaging connectivity from scripting languages like JavaScript and Ajax. This allows a variety of enterprise assets to participate in real-time messaging.

Real-time integration

Red Hat JBoss A-MQ supports:
•  Java Message Service (JMS) 1.1.
•  Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).
•  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
•  User Datagram Protocol (UDP).
•  .NET Message Service (NMS).
•  Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT).
•  Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) 1.0.

AMQP defines an open-wire protocol for messaging interoperability. Born out of a collaboration between major messaging vendors and end-user organization, AMQP lets your enterprise deploy various distributed messaging solutions to respond to evolving business requirements.

High performance, security, and reliability

Backed by Red Hat's award-winning support and services, Red Hat JBoss A-MQ has a track record of supporting mission-critical applications. This messaging platform is based on open source projects from Apache Software Foundation, which has a proven history and a vibrant community of contributors.

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