Automation across IT

Repetitive tasks are automated using a simple, human-readable language that anyone in your IT organization can understand.

Tackle complex challenges

Ansible and Ansible Tower by Red Hat® are a complete automation platform capable of provisioning, deploying applications, orchestrating complex workflows, and managing the configuration of your IT systems, networks, and apps—all of which help you solve real business problems.

Reduce repetition

Ansible is extremely powerful, talking to the systems, applications, and tools you're already using and reducing the complexity of existing environments and processes.

Get started simply

Ansible is agentless, so there's no software to install on the things you're automating. This makes it easy to get started and helps IT teams collaborate—whether their focus is networking, development, infrastructure, applications, or security.

The power of community

Ansible is the most popular automation tool in GitHub. With thousands of contributors, hundreds of modules, and many thousands of community-provided automation roles in Ansible Galaxy, you can not only learn and begin to use Ansible quickly, but benefit from community-contributed roles that will help you automate even faster. And best of all, you can trust that Ansible is backed by Red Hat, the world's leader in open source.

Ansible and Ansible Tower by Red Hat

Ansible is:
•  An open source automation platform.
•  Agentless (there's no software to install on the systems to be managed).
•  Free to download and use.

Ansible offers:
•  Configuration management.
•  Application deployment.
•  Task automation.

Ansible Tower by Red Hat is:
•  A centralized API for your Ansible automation.
•  A graphical user interface for Ansible.

Ansible Tower by Red Hat offers:
•  A visual dashboard.
•  Role-based access control.
•  Job scheduling.
•  Graphical inventory management.
•  Real-time job status updates.

Mission control for Ansible

Combine products to build your ideal solution

Ansible Tower by Red Hat is the best way to run Ansible in your company. Your teams can automate by centralizing and controlling Ansible infrastructure with a user interface, role-based access controls, job scheduling, and graphical inventory management. And Tower's REST application programming interface (API) and command-line interface (CLI) make it easy to embed Tower into existing tools and processes.

Automation for everyone

Tower lets entire organizations consume and access automation regardless of their skills or ability.

And Ansible Tower is available in 3 editions—Basic, Enterprise, and Premium—so you can get the right one for your organization.

Ansible Tower dashboard

See everything going on in your environment from the moment you log in.

Get recent job activity, the number of active hosts, and alerts about hosts with problems. And you can adjust your settings to see specific jobs or timeframes.

Simple, self-service IT

Set up variables and access control to give users the ability to start playbooks based on their role.

Simplified portal mode and survey features let IT admins delegate automation job runs to users across the business. QA can create their own test environments and customer services can start up a demo.

See Ansible Tower in action

See how Ansible Tower offers:
•  Role-based access control.
•  Automated deployment.
•  Centralized logging and auditing.
•  System tracking.


Combine products to build your ideal solution

Thanks to open standards, Red Hat products work well together and with products from many other vendors, so you can configure your IT environment the way you need it.

See how our products work together to solve business problems

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