Business processes shouldn't be complicated

Today's business environment is changing more rapidly than ever. To succeed, your business has to be agile. It must respond quickly as markets, customer needs, and regulations change. But the path to agile operations is fraught with challenges: How do you incorporate the right policy, procedure, process, and application changes in time to stay ahead of the competition and grow section the business?

Business process management (BPM) and business rules management (BRM) systems help business and IT users collaborate to manage business logic and quickly modify procedures and policies as needed. Red Hat® JBoss® BPM Suite is leading the way.

Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite for OpenShift extends the capabilities to our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, Red Hat OpenShift, for process services in the cloud.


Optimize use of limited business resources

JBoss BPM Suite includes a unique toolkit designed to speed construction of applications that solve complex scheduling and resource optimization problems. Business resource planner uses the business rules capabilities of JBoss BPM Suite to quickly find good solutions to problems that are otherwise extremely difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to solve. No specific knowledge of optimization techniques is required in order to use planner, making it easy for IT organizations to deliver resource scheduling and planning applications without specialized expertise and tools.


Automate to make your job easier

Improve operational efficiency

3 key technologies—BPM, BRM, and complex event processing (CEP)—combine to automate a wide range of end-to-end business processes.

Become more agile

JBoss BPM Suite makes business logic visible and understandable to business and IT users alike, empowering them to collaborate and manage change effectively.

Get started quickly

JBoss BPM Suite is easy to set up and integrate with your IT infrastructure. It's compatible with Red Hat OpenShift for self-service provisioning within private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Continuously improve

Analytic capabilities pinpoint inefficiencies and bottlenecks, allowing processes to be improved over time.

Reduce time to market

Intuitive tools make it easy to introduce new products and services quickly, without lengthy development cycles for new applications.

Reduce business risk

JBoss BPM Suite is fully open source, based on open standards, and backed by enterprise support from Red Hat. You're never locked in.

JBoss BPM Suite is a complete BPM platform that provides standards-based modeling, automation, simulation, and monitoring of business processes. It incorporates all the capabilities of Red Hat JBoss BRMS, including business rules management, business resource planning, and complex event processing. You can deploy JBoss BPM Suite across physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud environments.

Results reported by a consumer packaged goods manufacturer

•  Sales of new products increased by 18%
•  Downtime reduced by 20%
•  Time to market shortened from 15 to 9 weeks
•  Overall productivity improved by 38%
•  Return on investment (ROI) achieved in 3.8 months

Intuitive authoring tools for business and IT users

Business analysts

Gain web-based tools to capture business processes, policies, and rules, and measure the results of business activities.

The web-based authoring interface includes the same tools as JBoss BRMS, plus intuitive drag-and-drop support for:
•  Business Process Model and Notation v2.0 (BPMN2).
•  Data modeling.
•  Forms design.
•  Process simulation, testing, and deployment.

Application developers

JBoss BPM Suite's tools for developers extend the integrated development environment (IDE) in JBoss BRMS to include BPMN2 modeling and testing. These let you easily integrate process-based apps with Java™ code and external information systems.

Gain tools to:
•  Customize the user experience.
•  Extend the platform to cover demanding technical requirements.
•  Integrate with external applications, services, and data sources.
•  Quickly build resource optimization solutions.

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