A scalable, secure platform for public key infrastructure

Red Hat® Certificate System is an enterprise software system that gives you a scalable, secure framework to establish and maintain trusted identities and keep communications private.

Red Hat Certificate System provides certificate life-cycle management—issue, renew, suspend, revoke, archive and recover, and manage single and dual-key X.509v3 certificates needed to handle strong authentication, single sign-on, and secure communications.

Cryptographically strong security

Red Hat Certificate System uses Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 validated security libraries and can be used with Level 3 validated hardware. It also enables secure communication and document encryption with secure key escrow.

High availability and scalability

•  Supports distributed architecture for high availability
•  Allows for cloning of certificate authorities for scalability without creating subordinate certificate authorities
•  Integrates easily with third-party security software and existing applications through published application programming interfaces (APIs)

Multifactor authentication

Red Hat Certificate System includes a card management system, supporting Global Platform-compliant smart cards. This greatly simplifies all key management tasks, like initial enrollment, key archival, PIN reset, and key recovery.

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