Quickly build the apps your business needs with a modern IT environment

Staying competitive today requires modern applications. Building those requires a modern IT, which many businesses lack. Before your developers look outside of your IT organization for solutions, check out Red Hat® Cloud Suite.

This fully open source solution for enterprises combines a container-based app-development platform, private-cloud infrastructure, public-cloud interoperability, and a common management framework. Red Hat Cloud Suite modernizes your infrastructure so developers can build services and deliver them to customers and your organization fast, and so IT can retain control and manage the environment from 1 place.


Modern IT. Better apps. Endless possibilities.

Modernize apps and run them where you need them

Get the container-based application platform you need to build modern apps. Then run workloads in containers or virtual machines (VMs) on a variety of platforms.

Update your infrastructure

On top of what you have, build an easy-to-manage, complete OpenStack® Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) private cloud to deliver public cloud-like scalability and speed up service delivery.

Integrate all the parts you need into 1 solution

We've tightly integrated cloud technologies so you don't have to piece together a solution. Fully supported components work together seamlessly to help you build cloud environments, write apps, and maintain integrated management, governance, and workload portability.

Manage your IT environment from a single place

Use the same management tool across virtualization, private cloud, app-development platform, containers, and public cloud.


Are you ready for digital transformation?

The digital economy is being built on cloud technologies and apps. Competing in this new reality requires transforming your IT. See how Red Hat Cloud Suite can help you build cloud infrastructure and modernize and deliver apps.

Deliver the apps and insights your business needs quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining governance and security. Red Hat Cloud Suite gives you a common interface and technology stack for development, operations, IT administrators, and lines of business.

Developers get the tools they need to rapidly deploy apps. Operators can monitor and govern services and apps simultaneously—across a hybrid infrastructure—from development through production. And CIOs can better align with business requirements.

Red Hat Cloud Suite includes:
•  Red Hat OpenStack Platform
•  Red Hat OpenShift
•  Red Hat Virtualization
•  Red Hat CloudForms
•  Red Hat Satellite
•  Red Hat Ceph Storage
•  Red Hat Insights

Deploy apps faster

Red Hat Cloud Suite includes Red Hat OpenShift, a container-based app-development platform. It gives developers quick access to compute power so they can continuously integrate and deploy apps using a broad mix of languages and frameworks. OpenShift also lets developers deploy apps in containers or in VMs.

Choose your private-cloud infrastructure

At its infrastructure foundation, Red Hat Cloud Suite lets you build a private cloud on either Red Hat OpenStack Platform with public cloud-like scalability or Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization based on high-performance virtualization. Both choices provide secure and scalable foundations for hosting the development platform, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Red Hat OpenStack Platform gives you massive scalability and now includes Red Hat Ceph Storage.

Manage across multiple cloud platforms

You can seamlessly administer the combination of infrastructure and app development in Red Hat Cloud Suite with a unified management framework: Red Hat CloudForms. It's complemented by life-cycle management from Red Hat Satellite. The suite also uses a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based risk-management tool, Red Hat Insights, that collects infrastructure analytics so you can address technical risks before they impact operations.

Integrate with other software

Red Hat Cloud Suite works seamlessly with other Red Hat and third-party products. This lets you build true hybrid clouds across private and public domains as you establish a software-defined datacenter.



To compete, you need to deliver innovative services to customers faster. Red Hat Cloud Suite helps by letting you:
•  Create new development and operations practices.
•  Develop apps on a container-based application platform and then deliver them into production with less friction.
•  Monitor your application throughout a hybrid environment.


For developers to build and deploy modern apps quickly, Operations has to provide the right services. Red Hat Cloud Suite accelerates service delivery for traditional IT environments by automatically deploying both the VMs and the apps within them. Operations can create reusable descriptions for apps that can be automatically deployed via self-service with governance and controls across a hybrid cloud infrastructure.


As more and more apps are developed, Operations has to provide scalable infrastructure and enterprise management. Use Red Hat Cloud Suite to build scale-out, private-cloud capabilities with a stable life cycle and large ecosystem of supported hardware platforms. Take advantage of capabilities like reporting, chargeback, and auditing of tenant workloads across a geographically diverse deployment.


As Operations builds new cloud infrastructure, it has to find ways to use existing infrastructure. Red Hat Cloud Suite optimizes traditional IT environments, including:
•  Discovering and right-sizing VMs.
•  Freeing up space in virtual datacenters.
•  Creating a standard operating environment (SOE) across heterogeneous environments.
•  Migrating workloads to their ideal platform. You can even automate the migration of VMs from VMware vSphere to either Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization or Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

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