Scale-out NAS storage for modern enterprise workloads

Hardware-based storage segregates information, making it hard to find, access, and manage. Adding capacity to your traditional system often disrupts access to data. And if your hardware fails, it can bring your business to a standstill.

Red Hat® Gluster Storage is different. It's open, software-defined file storage that scales out as much as you need. You can easily and securely manage large, unstructured, and semi-structured data at a fraction of the cost of traditional, monolithic storage. And only Red Hat lets you deploy the same storage on premise; in private, public, or hybrid clouds; and in Linux® containers.


Flexibility and scale without breaking the bank

Fast, simple deployment

Build a secure, thin-provisioned, multitenant storage system in just minutes. With a few mouse clicks, deploy additional storage in seconds.

Advanced data protection

Reduce capacity requirements and healing time. Lower risk of data breaches and non-compliance by preserving the integrity of your data assets.

Better performance

Enjoy faster back-end storage for live virtual machines. Enhance the performance of frequently accessed files through automatic storage tiering.

Anywhere, anytime data access

Employees can access and share files from any device while IT has the convenience of a single management point across multiple data storage locations.

Scale out for truly agile storage capacity

10 years ago, you could estimate how much storage you needed and buy disk space accordingly. Today, businesses generate at least 40-60% of additional data each year. Predicting a maximum amount of storage is no longer possible, and buying massive amounts of capacity up front is wasteful.

Red Hat Gluster Storage scales linearly instead of just up, so you can:
•  Add or remove compute, I/O bandwidth, or storage when your capacity and performance needs change.
•  Repurpose existing hardware on the fly.
•  Respond to business changes quickly without creating a standalone storage environment for each new initiative.

Secure, more available data

With integrated NFSv4 support and bit rot detection, Red Hat Gluster Storage enhances security with access control lists for additional control and flexibility. Secure certificate functionality provides authentication, assuring secure data communication across the network. Additionally, local and geo replication and self-healing capabilities ensure high levels of data protection, availability, and resiliency.

Painless storage management

Red Hat Gluster Storage doesn't require a complex storage area network (SAN) infrastructure, saving your IT staff time and maintenance overhead. It also simplifies storage management by:
•  Unifying file and object storage, which eliminates storage silos while letting users instantly access files and objects from one place across data storage locations.
•  Centralizing management and providing an intuitive interface.
•  Integrating into Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to give developers seamless storage management and provisioning for containerized applications.
•  Automating management tasks.

Lower costs and no vendor lock-in

Unlike rigid proprietary storage solutions, Red Hat Gluster Storage doesn't tie you to someone else's innovation cycles or to a hardware configuration they choose. The software runs on any x86 hardware or public cloud infrastructure, and with erasure coding, you lower the cost per GB as well as the risk of data-recovery failure. And because Red Hat Gluster Storage uses a subscription model with predictable costs, budgeting is easy.

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