Cloud Optix

Solve the toughest challenges in cloud security

Intelligent Cloud Visibility, Compliance and Threat Response

In an ever-changing, auto-scaling environment, continuous visibility of your public cloud infrastructure is vital. Sophos Cloud Optix combines the power of AI and automation to simplify compliance, governance and security monitoring in the cloud.

See Everything. Secure Everything.

Automatic discovery of your organization’s assets across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments. Giving your team the power to respond to and remediate security risks in minutes, with complete network topology visualization and continuous asset monitoring.

Proactive Cloud Compliance

Raise standards without adding headcount by automatically detecting changes to your cloud environments

Speed up the process

Continuously monitor compliance with custom or out-of-the box templates for standards such as CIS, SOC2, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

Collaboration made easy

Manage and track compliance to ensure important tasks are never lost, even during a release, using third-party integrations with tools like JIRA and ServiceNow.

AI-powered Security Analytics and Monitoring

Shrink incident response and resolution times from days or weeks to just minutes.

Powerful artificial intelligence detects suspicious network behavior and risky login activity fast - with smart alerts and optional automatic remediation of risks.

  • Continuously monitor cloud workload inventory, configurations and Security Group logs
  • Detect shared access keys, suspicious network traffic patterns, open S3 storage buckets and ports
  • Establish guardrails to prevent, detect and remediate accidental or malicious changes in network configuration

DevSecOps that Doesn’t Wait Until Go-Live

Make software development fast and secure with Cloud Optix API-driven architecture that seamlessly integrates security with your DevOps and infrastructure as code processes.

Drift Detection and Guardrails

SPlug your access point into your network to reach the internet

Proactive Infrastructure Template Scanning

Continuously analyze Terraform and GitHub deployment template changes for misconfigurations that could result in the provisioning of vulnerable infrastructures

SIEM and DevOps tool integration

Integrate with third party security tools such as SIEM and DevOps tools for CI/CD to simplify security operations

Make Simplicity a Requirement

Cloud Optix agentless, SaaS based service works perfectly with your existing business tools to automate cloud security monitoring, governance, risk and compliance and DevSecOps processes.

Setup in minutes, with nothing to install, it provides complete visibility across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform environments.

Cloud Security and Compliance is a Shared Responsibility

Public Cloud providers offer a great deal of flexibility. And while they’re responsible for physical protection at the datacenter, virtual separation of customer data and environments, whatever you put in the cloud, well that’s your responsibility.

Security Designed for a Cloud Generation

Once you see it, you can secure it. Once you have Cloud Optix running, deploy a range Sophos security solutions to protect your cloud assets

Amazon Web Services

Secure your Amazon EC2 instances and Virtual Private Cloud with Sophos UTM and Intercept X for Server.

Sophos UTM for AWS is your complete security platform for next-generation firewall, web application firewall, IPS, advanced threat protection, cloud sandboxing, web content filtering, reporting, and VPN gateway.

While Intercept X for Server guards virtual machines in AWS. Whitelisting trusted services in minutes, while intelligently allowing updates. All the time protecting against malware and ransomware.

Microsoft Azure

Sophos next-gen XG Firewall helps protect your Azure-based workloads against advanced threats. Combining advanced networking, protections such as Intrusion Prevention (IPS), and web application firewalls (WAF), as well as user and application controls from a single console.

Intercept X for Server guards instances in Microsoft Azure. Whitelisting trusted services in minutes, while intelligently allowing updates. All the time protecting your organization and data, from malware and ransomware. VMs with a Sophos Server Protection agent are simply deployed into Azure and managed from Sophos Central.

Google Cloud Platform

Sophos has developed its server-specific security for Google Cloud Platform to more easily protect your workloads.

Secure business-critical servers with established and next-gen methods like Cryptoguard anti-ransomware, malicious traffic detection, application whitelisting and one-click lockdown.

VMs with a Sophos Server Protection agent are simply deployed into Google and managed from Sophos Central. Simply specify which server group they should be a part of and which policies will apply to protect those VMs.

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