Symantec Complete Endpoint Defense

The most complete and integrated endpoint security platform on the planet.

Delivered as a cloud service or on premises, and easy to implement and manage, Symantec endpoint security protects devices, apps, and networks with artificial intelligence that optimizes security decisions.

Simplify Your Path to a Complete Endpoint Defense

The most complete endpoint defense on the planet is now easy to buy. Whatever level you need, choose multilayered suites including prevention, hardening, and detection and response: Maximal protection with operational simplicity and efficiency.

  • Reduced Complexity with a single agent and console.
  • Interlocking defenses at the device, the app, and the network level.
  • Effective protection at a low total cost of ownership.

How do I stop fileless attacks, ransomware, and other emerging threats?

With Symantec Endpoint Protection.

The world's most advanced, best integrated, cloud-delivered or on-premises endpoint protection runs on a single agent and is managed from a single console.

  • Defeat ransomware and unknown attacks with multilayered protection that combines signatureless and other critical endpoint technologies.
  • Get to full value faster with artificial intelligence (AI)-guided security management that quickly updates policies and enhances your endpoint security posture.
  • Detect threats more accurately with the Symantec Global Intelligence Network (GIN), the world's largest civilian database.

How do I expose and quickly resolve stealthy attacks?

With Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response.

Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response provides powerful cloud-delivered analytics, threat intelligence, and round-the-clock managed services.

  • Discover and resolve threats much faster, supported by superior visibility and detection analytics.
  • Solve for cyber security skills shortages and streamline SOC functions with extensive automation and built-in integrations for sandboxing, SIEM, and orchestration.
  • Fortify your security team with the unmatched expertise and global scale of Symantec Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Service.
  • Roll out EDR across Windows, macOS, and Linux devices (via SEP-integrated EDR or a dissolvable agent).

How do I protect against mobile threats and risks?

With Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile.

Risk-based Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile defends against all threats that put business data at risk of exposure, theft, and manipulation–while respecting user privacy and facilitating productivity.

  • Actively protect corporate resources with immediate protection from risky devices.
  • Block malicious apps and terminate malicious processes before they expose sensitive data.
  • Protect corporate infrastructure by blocking compromised devices from accessing corporate Wi-Fi.
  • Prevent data exfiltration by blocking access to known malicious command and control servers.
  • Predict attacks and detect zero-day exploits using machine learning and the massive Symantec GIN.

How do I defend Active Directory Environment to keep invaders out?

With Symantec Endpoint Threat Defense for Active Directory.

Symantec Endpoint Threat Defense for Active Directory restricts post-exploit incursions by preventing credential theft and lateral movement by combining AI, obfuscation and advanced forensics methodologies at the endpoint to contain attacks in real-time.

  • Harden Active Directory environment against malicious use by attackers.
  • Disrupt reconnaissance activity and contain the attack at the point of compromise (endpoint).
  • Prevent attackers from using Active Directory to steal credentials and move laterally.
  • Reduce the attack surface with continuous Active Directory and assessment reporting.

How Can I Protect My Endpoints Given My Limited Resources?

With Symantec Endpoint Application Control.

Symantec Endpoint Application Control strengthens defense against advanced attacks by minimizing the attack surface and allowing only known good applications to run.

  • Auto-classify risk levels for all endpoint applications—whether or not they're in use.
  • Generate smart 'allow' and 'block' lists that operate without impacting user productivity.
  • Simplify policy updates by auto-managing drift with smart recommendations for handling new applications.

How do I minimize the endpoint attack surface by allowing only authorized applications to run?

By securing diverse operating systems, devices, and applications with Symantec Endpoint Management.

  • Manage vulnerabilities to reduce risk.
  • Configure, deploy, and update devices to maintain security.
  • Patch Microsoft products and 50 other leading applications.
  • Automate processes to reduce costs and complexity.

How do I ensure every application is restricted to safe and authorized behavior?

With Symantec Endpoint Application Isolation.

Symantec Endpoint Application Isolation shields known good applications from tampering by stopping attackers from exploiting application vulnerabilities. It also isolates malicious and suspicious applications to prevent any privileged operations that can harm the endpoint.

  • Auto-classify risk levels for all endpoint applications—whether or not they're in use.
  • Isolate applications to prevent unauthorized operations.
  • Shield applications to prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities.

How do I complement Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) with advanced defenses that address mobile user behaviors and modern attack vectors?

With Symantec Endpoint Complete Cloud Connect Defense.

Symantec Endpoint Cloud Connect Defense provides dynamic protection that is complementary to endpoint security to address modern device attack vectors that target cloud connected users.

  • Manage Windows 10 protections using the common Symantec endpoint security console.
  • Validate network integrity to protect users against rogue Wi-Fi networks and spoofed carrier networks.
  • Use policy-driven VPNs to protect systems from accessing suspicious or malicious networks.

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