CDN is a solution that puts content close to the end consumers. It provides the scalability needed to accelerate and deliver a wide range of content. An interconnected system of computers on the internet provides web content rapidly to numerous users by duplicating or caching the content on multiple servers and directing it to users based on proximity . Some of the services offered include –

  • Media distribution/ Media delivery
  • Website acceleration/ Caching
  • Large File/ Software Delivery
  • Deliver live content on any device, anywhere
  • Control costs with low capital investment
  • Avoid challenges of scaling, infrastructure and focus on competencies central to business
  • Go to market faster with easy deployment services


  • Optimized for large file delivery such as videos and media-rich content
  • Optimized network architecture for delivery of applications and broadcasts in real time
  • Simultaneous multi-device broadcast – PCs, tablets, mobile devices & set-top boxes
  • Automated content pull connector from the customer origin
  • Optional security product suite to protect copyright content

Why our CDN services?

  • Our service is riding on privately owned global IPv4/ IPv6 network
  • We are available across the world, on the core of a Global Tier 1 network with points of presence (POPs) in 200 countries
  • With our service, you can deliver content in different formats – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Images, Video and more

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