Fleet Management helps you track vehicles on duty, driver performance, fuel consumption and route monitoring realtime, through a secured and user-friendly web/ mobile interface. It assists fleet operators manage their fleet operations effectively and efficiently.

  • End-to-end service including device, application and connectivity, ensures greater accountability and lower cost of ownership
  • Access to scalable and future-proof services means you need not invest up front
  • SMS and email alerts enables effective monitoring and management


  • Real-time tracking of vehicles including speed monitoring and distance travelled on web/ mobile interface
  • Real-time alerts such as route deviation alerts and analytics through a secured portal and map view
  • Fuel consumption monitoring, reports on insurance, PUC and service alerts
  • Flexibility to create multiple sub users with multiple viewing rights
  • Operator agnostic

Why our Fleet Management services?

  • Varied reports, analysis and alerts
  • Flexibility to create multiple sub users with multiple viewing rights
  • API-based ERP integration

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