Chat that's built for work.

Zoho Cliq combines content and communications into a single view to give you a comprehensive picture of your team's work.

Transparency at work

Transparency we believe is imperative to foster a good team culture that takes collaboration to the next level. Zoho chat is designed to let information flow freely to bring about that much required transparency to work.

Chat that's built for work

Rid yourselves of the delay in response that mail solutions present. Get chatting with groups and individuals in real time to make every second of your work count.

Liberate yourself from the cubicle

Zoho chat lets you carry your work everywhere so you don't miss out on all those important things in life.

Work is Fun

Stave off the workday blues with emoticons, guest users, channels and more. You're animated when you speak; now your chat can be too.

Free for Unlimited Users

Bring your entire team on Zoho chat and let us simplify the way you work. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced collaboration and increased productivity with our 'Free' plan.

Say Sayonara to conference rooms

Ditch your formal meetings for spontaneous conversations so your team gets work done faster.

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