Turbocharge your team with sales activity management.

Gain real-time insights into your CRM data. Motivate winning behaviors. Broadcast everything on TV. Watch your sales grow.

Boost sales and CRM usage while having more fun.

Real-time insights.

Record sales numbers don't appear overnight. They come from measuring and motivating key sales activities. Real-time dashboards and charts provide actionable insights for understanding and boosting performance.

Drive the right behaviors.

Boosting performance goes beyond telling your team what to do and ranking reps on a leaderboard. Encourage your team to perform its best with targets and contests that provide clear goals, real-time feedback, and increased recognition for performance.

Energize the team.

In sales, seeing is believing. Sales reps need to see where they stand at a moment's notice so they can make adjustments and get back on track. Broadcast key KPIs, targets, and contests on TVs around your office and watch your sales grow.

Real-time insights.

Gain insights about your sales team's performance so you can take action and increase revenue. Motivator transforms your CRM data into dollars by shedding light on key sales behaviors to focus on to drive growth.


Know how your team and individual members are performing at a moment's notice with dashboards. Access and view objectives, metrics, and other important sales data all from one location.


Drill down into your numbers to understand the context behind your sales figures so you can make more informed decisions.

Drive the right behaviors.

In sales, growth is the direct result of your daily activities and behaviors. That's why focusing on improving your process is more important than simply examining your numbers. Targets, scorecards, and contests let you drive key behaviors that lead to more sales.

Targets and Scorecards.

Funnel your organizational goals into your sales team by transforming them into personal objectives. Because nothing drives sales team output like concrete, personalized benchmarks.


Contests are a great way to foster healthy competition, keep your team engaged, and to also add a dash of fun to those mundane sales tasks.

Energize your team.

Tracking KPIs, setting targets, and running contests is just half the equation. You also need to energize the team from beginning to end by broadcasting their performance on any screen at your office or mobile device so they can see where they stand and how they perform at a moment's notice.

Works exclusively with Zoho CRM.

Realtime Motivation, wherever the sales go.

Sales isn't a nine-to-five desk job. It's a wherever-and-whatever-it-takes job. Viewing your personal scorecard or contest ranking shouldn't be confined to your desk or cubicle.

With Zoho Motivator, you can stay motivated and on track wherever your job takes you. Access and view your KPIs, Targets, and Contests away from the office with Zoho Motivator's beautiful and responsive mobile website.

Zoho CRM and Motivator together.

The true power of Zoho comes from multiple applications working together to achieve your business goals. Zoho Motivator uses your existing CRM data to provide real-time insights as to how your team is performing and where it needs improvement. That way, you can right the ship and motivate the key behaviors that drive growth and maximize your team's potential.

Harness the full potency of your Zoho CRM data by combining it with Zoho Motivator. Identify KPI's, set targets, and help your sales team visualize the goals that ultimately pave the way for company wide growth. One login, endless possibilities.

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