Recruiting Software for Staffing Agencies and HRs

Streamline your hiring processes and acquire better talent with Zoho Recruit's applicant tracking system and recruitment software. Source better talent, track resumes and interviews efficiently and never miss on a good hire.

For corporate HRs

As a corporate HR, finding that perfect candidate for a job opening and providing the best candidate experience can make all the difference.

For staffing agencies

As a staffing agency, casting a wider net for talent, consistently filling job openings with the best candidates quickly is all that matters.

A complete, easy-to-use applicant tracking software

The current job market is as competitive as ever. For recruiters, this means jumping over a number of hurdles to get the job done. Zoho Recruit understands this and has the perfect set of features, mandatory for every recruiting solution.

Let talent find you.

Get the word out about your jobs by posting them to job boards, social media or creating your own careers page.

Track and beyond.

Juggle your daily tasks, from parsing resumes from your inbox, tracking applications, updating your spreadsheets.

Gain powerful insights.

Use reports and advanced analytics to get insights about candidate interview status, job opening status and much more.

Keep candidates in the know.

Calls, emails and text messages help track every aspect of your team's communication right from Recruit's database.

Automate your recruitment.

Customize every aspect of your workday and automate tasks like sending emails, updating interview status, and more.

Easy software, easier integrations.

Zoho Recruit features an array of integrations that helps you navigate every step of your recruiting workflow.

Recruit anytime, anywhere.

Don't like to be confined to the interview room? Take your interviews out to a coffee shop. Zoho Recruit's mobile app, runs with you everywhere. Get away from your desk while still getting work done.

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