Using a combination of hardware authentication and end-to-end encryption, Intel® Data Protection Technology for Transactions is designed to secure both credit card, debit card, and personal data from the moment a transaction is initiated all the way through to the storage of the encrypted information on retailer and bank server networks. Intel® DPT for Transactions creates a transaction path that directly routes data from the payment terminal to the bank’s servers, encrypting sensitive personal information that bypasses the POS platform, its system memory, and the POS’s operating system.

With Intel® DPT for Transactions, consumer data is well-protected, malware attacks are more likely to be prevented, and retailers are set up with a flexible and future-proof solution that simplifies endpoint authentication, reduces security worries, and increases POS choice.

Intel DPT® for Transactions is a software download that is compatible with many retail systems built on today’s and tomorrow’s Intel® processors, including Intel® Core™ processors and the latest Intel® Atom™ processor-based devices. Because it is software, Intel® DPT for Transactions offers retailers advanced levels of data security without the need for new hardware.

In addition, this new technology from Intel is built on numerous Intel® and McAfee technologies that provide trusted execution on the client and secure communications to remote management servers.