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Dynamic, in collaboration with Tech Data, is pleased to invite you for a session on Microsoft Cloud technology - we will illuminate the benefits of Microsoft Cloud offerings for your business and unlock the opportunities to take workplaces to the next level. Looking forward to seeing you at the webinar!

Do not miss this chance to experience Cloud technology.
  • Introduction to Dynamic Group
  • Introduction to Techdata
  • Microsoft Licensing Options
  • Office 365 Services & Subscriptions
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security Services & Subscriptions
  • Microsoft 365 Services & Subscriptions
  • Register Here 28th April, 2020
    11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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    Turning the fashion industry on its head

    Meet Showpo, a company that Jane Lu founded in her parents' garage and is now on track to hit $100 million in sales by 2020. See how they use Creative Cloud for teams to develop such epic product lines and dicover the secret behind their huge success.
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    With an Acrobat Pro DC subscription you can quickly and easily edit scanned documents, including matching the original fonts. Once your document is scanned and converted to PDF, it becomes simple to add or edit text.
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    The hub for teamwork in Office 365, Microsoft Teams will help your team communicate effectively, collaborate efficiently and customise your workplace - to work together in the best way possible!
    Microsoft Teams provides an integrated platform to keep your team and data - chats, meetings, files, apps and more - connected.
    Create better opportunities for teamwork, converge communication and collaboration practices and boost your team’s productivity with these features:




    App & mobile



    Group chat

    Private discussions
    with SSL security
    Live Stream
    Blur (using AI)
    Connectors & Tabs
    Third-party Integrations
    Third-party Notifications & Updates
    Open API
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    Continuing to run Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2 on VMs
    isn't a viable option.
    Have you made your plans for your Windows Server 2008 VMs?
    Disadvantages of Windows Server 2008

    • Risk of breaches due to no further security updates

    • Limited functionality compared to modern OS alternatives

    • High costs of repair and maintenance

    Benefits of upgrading to Windows Server 2019

    • Embrace the tools in Azure to modernize your applications

    • Reduce your infrastructure costs with free extended security updates

    • Counter sophisticated cyberthreats and help meet compliance requirements

    So don't delay your upgrade - make the move to Windows Server 2019 today!

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    Click here to download the Whitepaper on How to protect data in AWS cloud by Frost & Sullivan and win a Customized Pen *

    Without a backup of cloud‑based data, you have limited access and control of it. You can fall victim to retention policy gaps and data loss dangers. You also open yourself up to some serious internal and external security risks, as well as regulatory exposure.

    This white paper discusses the need for data protection in IaaS public cloud environments, including:

    • common shared responsibility models employed by many cloud providers;
    • how shared responsibility impacts both disaster recovery and security;
    • steps that businesses can take to protect their data in a public cloud environment.
    Read Now

    Best regards,
    Dynamic & Veeam team.

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    Reduce the number of security breaches by up to 40% Microsoft 365
    Now shift to the latest Windows 10
    with Microsoft 365
    Shift to Microsoft 365 and experience the latest IT environment for security, cost-efficiency, and enterprise mobility for the modern workplace.
    Why shift to Windows 10 with Microsoft 365?
    Reduce the risk of the data breach by 40%
    Reduce your TCO by 3x with Windows Defender, Device Guard, Bit locker and more
    Experience unmatched compatibility with over 99% of Windows 7 apps
    To know how to upgrade your security with Windows 10 and Microsoft 365:

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    Hyper-converged infrastructure has emerged as a breakthrough IT technology over the past several years. With the right HCI solution, IT teams can lower costs, increase agility and reduce complexity- leveraging a modern software-defined IT platform that provides a seamless path to hybrid cloud. IT continues to embrace HCI in great numbers, with the market expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 42% through 2023

    Here are the 5 use cases.
    Hybrid Cloud /
    Edge Computing Containers and App Development
    Download the white paper to know about five of the critical use cases currently driving HCI deployments and why they will continue to benefit from HCI in 2019 and beyond.
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    Security and productivity, All-in-One.

    The New Wyse 5470 All-in-One thin client

    Intelligently designed with a stunning 60.45cm (23.8) FHD display and multiple stand options delivering optimized performance and trusted security, the Wyse 5470 All-in-One empowers your employees to work more confidently.
    Dell Wyse Banner
    Dell Unparalleled Security

    Get the world's most secure AIO thin client with Dell-exclusive Wyse ThinOS1 or choose Windows 10 IoT Enterprise with Dell-added security features and local browser that provides secure access to cloud applications and virtual workspaces.

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    Dell Wyse
    Dell Ultra Manageability

    Benefit from the high manageability inherent to thin clients with cloud-based management solutions through Wyse Management Suite. Deploy and maintain your endpoints on premises or through the cloud, and scale from one to thousands of devices seamlessly.

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    Get in touch with Dell Expert to know more about the product range and how it can be customized to your requirement.

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    It's not just about Office apps: Single sign-on for your cloud and web apps
    Empowering users with single sign-on (SSO) across your organization enables one-click access to your apps and spares users from generating weak or reused passwords for each account––a primary exploit of identity attackers. If you’re an Office or Azure customer, you already have Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), but did you know it also integrates with thousands of the most popular SaaS apps (like Workday, Box, and Concur) to help you seamlessly enable all your apps for SSO and manage and secure them from a universal portal?
    Get in touch with us today to learn more

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    Advancing Windows 10 as a passwordless platform
    The latest version of Windows brings new security features, including:
    • Adding a passwordless phone number Microsoft account to Windows
    • Passwordless sign-in to Windows for the first time with the Microsoft Authenticator app
    • Windows Hello certified as a FIDO2 authenticator for passwordless web sign-in
    • Streamlined Windows Hello PIN recovery above the lock screen

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    Using Azure AD with your Oracle Cloud apps
    The new partnership between Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud means that you can leverage your existing investments in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) in the Oracle Cloud. Your business can run an app on either cloud, or an app that spans both clouds. Users can have a single set of credentials, a consistent single sign-on experience, and common user provisioning––regardless of the infrastructure on which the application runs. This improves your experience for identity administration and avoids the cost of managing password reset for a second set of user credentials.

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    Get to know the advanced technologies at the core of Microsoft Defender ATP’s next-generation protection
    Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (Microsoft Defender ATP) uses next-generation protection engines, many of which are built into the client, to provide advanced protection against the majority of threats in real time. When the client encounters unknown threats, it sends metadata or the file itself to the cloud protection service, where more advanced protections examine new threats on the fly and integrate signals from multiple sources. Combined with attack surface reduction, the protection engines stop attacks before they can infiltrate devices and compromise networks.
    Are you getting the full potential from your security products?
    Security can’t wait. Contact Dynamic today.

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    A number as unique as your business
    Business Advantages:

    – Access larger market segment

    – Easy recall and unique numbers

    – Accepts calls from all Telco

    – Enhanced brand image

    – Be always accessible to your customers

    – Enhance your customer satisfaction
    Zero Rental for TWO MONTHS !


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    Learn why customers are making the shift to a modern desktop. PCs are at the center of the productivity engine for SMBs. Older PCs with old operating systems can increase operating costs, reduce business profitability and can put companies at risk.
    Learn why Indian SMBs made the shift to modern desktops with Windows 10 Pro:

    Easy manageability
    63% of India SMBs agree that managing newer PCs is significantly easier. With Windows 10, spend less time managing IT as it comes with a comprehensive device management system built on your own terms. It also supports on-premise systems, cloud or both.

    Empower your team
    70% of India SMBs agree that newer PCs enable their employees to work from anywhere, any place, anytime. Modern devices are as light as 1.13 – 1.36 kilograms with battery life ranging from 8-17 hours, so you can stay productive wherever work takes you.
    Learn more about the benefits of owning a PC powered by Windows 10 Pro.

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    Now at an
    exclusive price
    for your organization
    Efficiency is now portable
    Know More
    The ultimate offer on
    the ultimate laptop
    Give your business the competitive edge of performance, power, and portability as you explore more avenues for growth. Increase your productivity and saving with this incredible offer on the secure and portable Surface Pro 5. Surface Pro 5
    Secure and portable

    Intel Core i5 Processor | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD1 | Type Cover Black | 3 years Extended Hardware Service (1 year standard + 2 years extended)
    To know more about Surface, visit

    T&C apply.
    ₹79,900 (inclusive of taxes)
    Offer valid up to 27th September, 2019

    To avail the offer, please call on
    (+91) 9025 66 55 66
    or write to
    Special offers also available on Surface Pro 6 as well!
    Surface Pro 5
    Surface Pro 6   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |  
    We Cover the A-Z of your IT Needs

    Our best-in-class solutions combined with our security expertise will keep your systems and network safe from breaches and attacks.


    Our years of experience in providing solutions to manage large volumes of users can make identity management simple and safe for your organisation


    Our hardware solutions cover a comprehensive range of systems and peripherels to help you scale operations fearlessly.


    Our team can help you quickly purchase or renew software licenses and ensure that your growth doesn’t stop with license issues.

    We are happy to service your IT needs even if your products and services have not been purchased from us.

    At Dynamic, we strive to serve all your IT needs. Comprehensive and integrated, our services make it easy for you to purchase, maintain and renew software licenses, secure your systems, manage users and purchase the right hardware and peripherals. We have built strong relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers of IT hardware and software to bring them right to your company’s doorstep.
    If you are looking to start your operations at the right point or upgrade the efficiency of your IT operations, we’re at your service. Contact us today!   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      

    You don't have time to think
    about security threats?
    Find Out More
    Focus on your business. We’ll keep it secure.

    You want to focus on driving your business success without disruption but market demands are ever-evolving. You need a security expert that provides you protection against cyber threats and offers flexible solutions that adapt to your changing business needs.

    Watch the video to understand how Symantec helps you stay focused on your business.

    Symantec Business Security solutions deliver the industry’s best protection against cyber threats. Powered by Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network, Symantec protects 175 million endpoints across the globe*. Our threat researchers help keep you one step ahead of cybercriminals. We help protect you with enterprise-grade technologies to enable you to focus on your business.   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      

    Cybersecurity made simple.
    Elevate your network security with the all new XG Firewall v17.5.

    This latest release further enhances XG Firewall's industry-leading network visibility, protection and response. Highlights include:

    •  Lateral Movement Protection to stop attacks from spreading, a new Synchronized Security feature

    •  New web filtering, protection and authentication options, including Chromebook support

    •  Top-requested features to enhance management, trouble-shooting, networking, and so much more

    Watch the video to see it in action and read the blog post to learn how XG Firewall can elevate your network security.
    Watch Video Read Blog   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      

    Time is Now to Leverage Attractive Discounts on Microsoft Products
    Avail discounts of upto 15%*
    on the prices of Microsoft software and benefit from wonderful savings.

    Click here for more information
    **Terms & Conditions:

    • Eligible Licensing: Open, Open Value and Open Value Subscription for all products. Select Plus for products where indicated

    • Segments: SMB – Small & Medium Business. Excludes SMB Government customers

    • Exclusions: Azure, Charity SKUs, Academic GGS/Academic Legalization, MPN Competency SKUs, Certification SKUs, Promo SKUs in Pricelist. Select Plus exclusions: Customers with lead affiliate/HQ location outside India and Academic SKUs. Microsoft reserves the right to exclude further SKUs from the list during the promo period

    • Offer valid from June 25 – June 29, 2019 [closes at 5 PM on June 29, 2019]   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |   | 9025665566
    #Features mentioned here are available in Galaxy A70, A50 & A20 models only. *Available in A70 only.Images shown here are for representational purpose only. Model availability may vary from location to location.   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      





    LAPTOP MODE TABLET MODE STUDIO MODE VIEW MODE   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |     |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      

    It's time to upgrade your expectations!

    In today's competitive marketplace, to have an edge, mandates being more productive, being protected against modern security threats, managing continuous innovation and having devices which are future ready to make things happen.

    Dell has the right experience, solutions, processes and tools needed to be with you in this journey as you embrace Windows 10 and be the driver of change in your industry.

    Why it's time to make the shift to new Windows 10 Pro devices now
    Protect what you've built as Windows 10 helps secure your business against ever-evolving malware and cybercrime, offering dozens of features to enable end-to-end security.
    Get the security, productivity, and management advantages of Windows 10 Pro devices   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      

    Solutions for business intelligence
    We're proud to announce that Microsoft has earned industry recognition for 11 consecutive years.

    Microsoft has been recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2018 edition.*

    Microsoft is also positioned furthest for completeness of vision in the Leaders quadrant.

    Power BI has helped transform hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world by providing:

    •  Ease of use and complexity of analysis.
    •  Tools that continue to be upgraded, protecting the investment of today's buyers.
    •  A low cost of ownership, including free availability of key features and a competitive subscription cost.
    *This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document. The Gartner document is available upon request from Microsoft. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
    Read the report   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      

    New Surface Pro:
    Versatility at its lightest
    The New Surface Pro has launched in India with a bang. It's a powerful laptop that's built with versatility at its core and possesses the power to take you places with its incomparable advantages:
    New Surface Pen
    Turn your dream projects into reality with virtual ink
    Give wings to your talent with the New Surface Pro
    Crafted to deliver a velvety finish and durability
    Power packed
    The New Surface Pro lets you create masterpieces on the go.
    A unique primary mobility mouse to complement the extraordinary device.
    The New Surface Pro will never weigh you down.
    It's time to make this all-rounder your own.
    Models available:
    Intel® Core™ m3 / 4GB RAM / 128GB SSD Intel® Core™ i7 / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD
    Intel® Core™ i5 / 4GB RAM / 128GB SSD Intel® Core™ i7 / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD
    Intel® Core™ i5 / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD Intel® Core™ i7 / 16GB RAM / 1TB SSD
    Intel® Core™ i5 / 16GB RAM / 256GB SSD   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      

    There are many benefits to migrating your Office 365 E3 license to a Microsoft 365 E3 license - probably the biggest of these gains is access to Microsoft Intune that offers full-strength device management.

    So get your applications and mobile devices completely under your control today with Microsoft 365!
    Do more with Microsoft 365!
    Improve efficiency, increase security
    Give your users the freedom to deliver their best, from any device and any location
    Effective Mobile Device Management
    Exercise granular control over access to data and applications, while retaining the Office 365 experience
    Powerful control, flexible operations
    Every tech ecosystem is unique - ensure optimal security for the data and devices on your network
    Get in touch with Dynamic today for a free consultation to see how Microsoft 365 can benefit your business!
    Learn More Now   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      

    Audit & Compliance Challenges

    On premises Active Directory and workloads

    Limitations of native tools

    Event details contain limited information
    •   Can be difficult to decipher without experise
    •   It is not possible to search across all events in a normalize (e.g. based on Who made the change)
    •   Some actions are not capture with native events at all
    No comprehensive view of all changes from all native log sources
    •   DCs and servers have multiple native logs
    •   Applications (Exchange, SharePoint, etc) each have their own logs
    Native auditing adds unnecessary overhead to servers
    Very difficult to consolidate native audit logs and avoid loss of historical data
    Searching for a specific event is time consuming and frustrating
    No proactive alerting on suspicious events
    No reporting capability to satisfy internal security groups or external compliance requirements
    No protection exists to prevent unwanted changes to the most sensitve objects, even from privileged users   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      

    Comprehensive data protection software for enterprises with diverse IT environments
    •  Lower total cost of ownership and simplified administration using a single solution to manage complex, hybrid data centers
    •  Significant storage cost savings with client-side deduplication and the ability to use lower cost storage
    •  More granular recovery points and faster recovery time through hardware snapshots for improved application availability
    •  Greater IT productivity with an intuitive, web-based management console
    •  Faster system recovery through bare-metal recovery
    •  Faster backup through high-performance multistreaming
    •  Improved security and control of system administration through AD-based roles and privileges
    •  Physical and Virtual support
    •  Enterprise-wide control
    •  Powerful catalog search
    •  Application protection
    •  Office365 Protection
    •  Active Directory (AD) support
    •  Application-aware storage array snapshots
    •  Extensive Storage Options
    •  High-performance multistreaming
    •  Strong security
    •  MSP-ready
    •  Quest Foglight for Performance Management integration
    •  Integration with Quest QoreStor™   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      

    Offer dedupe and replication for virtually all backup solutions.
    Sell QoreStor™ to all your customers, regardless of which backup solution they use.
    Read the Tech Brief
    Grow your business and attract new customers with next-gen software-defined dedupe and replication.
    Quest® QoreStor™ 5.0 gives you the flexibility to sell to your Quest data protection customers as well as to customers and prospects using other backup solutions, including Veeam, Commvault and Veritas.
    Read our tech brief to learn how you can:
    •  Help customers accelerate backups.

    •  Reduce storage requirements and costs.

    •  Overcome competitors that sell dedupe appliances.
    Download Tech Brief   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |     |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      


    We're pleased to share an insightful whitepaper with you.
    How SMEs + Speed = Success

    By embracing technology, speed, and agility, SMEs can put in place systems and personnel, enabling them to compete for and reap rich rewards that were once only accessible to large enterprises.   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      

    Dependability counts
    when connectivity matters
    Carrier grade solutions for your business
    In every sector, seamless connectivity is a business critical requirement. Our solutions for businesses ensure always-on, SLA-based voice and data connectivity.
    PRI Service
    The future-ready communication for your business
    SIP Trunk
    Delivers accessibility that's expandable to 1500 lines
    Internet Leased Line
    Delivers high-speed dedicated internet connectivity
    Hosted IVR
    Improves customer engagement with round-the-clock service
    Leased Line Service
    Stay reliably connected with a permanently assigned carrier grade connectivity
    Secure internal communication that ensures fail-safe connectivity   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      


    We thought you may be interested in this insightful article.
    Solving data
    security challenges
    in the cognitive era

    In an ultra-competitive age of business, companies across BFSI, Logistics, IT and ITeS are constantly looking to better handle data protection and ensure information security.   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      


    Here's an article we thought you may be interested in. It is about how organizations like yours can leverage the full potential of technology.
    The Internet of Things (IoT)
    in smart city development

    With global urbanization on the rise, the adoption of IoT to serve as the foundation in smart city development has already begun in India.   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      

    Keep your business
    connected. Always.

    Empower your business with technology that enhances connectivity in a modern, efficient network architecture. Our flexible Primary Rate Interface (PRI) solution is industry's first SLA-backed Wireline Voice service.
    Scalable with multiples of 30 voice channels
    Guaranteed network service availability of 99.5%
    Cost-effective, dependable, future-ready solutions

    Ensure your office has easily accessible voice connectivity.
    Our Primary Rate Interface (PRI) provides up to 30 simultaneous voice channels on a single link. These may be configured as incoming, outgoing or two-way. You also get access to a telecom infrastructure that can dynamically adapt to the changing needs of your business.
    •  Easily scalable
    •  Supports video conferencing solutions
    •  Enterprise friendly billing
    •  Better compatibility

    Give your business the advantage of PRI.
    TATA TELE BUSINESS SERVICES   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |      

    vSphere® with Operations Management: Maximize ROI and Performance with Minimal Disruption
    Did you know that you can cut your IT infrastructure costs by 53% and shorten downtime for tier-one apps by 54% using vSphere® with Operations Management?
    Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being able to run any app on any cloud with an industry-leading virtualization platform that lets you do more ― and save more.
    We can help you stay ahead of your competition with complete visibility and control over the way your IT is managed, for complete peace of mind.
    Start experiencing improved visibility now from US$25,000*.
    *Applicable to first 5 copies, SnS excluded. The license pricing above is an indicative pricing and may change based on the number of licenses and support term required. The fees quoted is not a binding offer from us and is for information and discussion purposes only.
    Learn how vSphere® with Operations Management can become the best virtualization management tool for your business.   |   |   (91) 9025 66 55 66   |