SafeSync for Enterprise

Control data sync and share for mobile users

Combines integrated file sync and share capabilities with data protection to keep sensitive data safe while still enabling user productivity. On premise private cloud deployment helps control sensitive data sharing from any mobile device.

  • Advanced data loss prevention secures sharing
  • Persistent file encryption maximizes privacy
  • Tagging sensitive documents controls access

What It Does

Give your users a secure way to get data onto their devices while ensuring that sensitive data remains protected when it moves off the device. Maintain control of shared data by storing your sensitive data in a controlled corporate environment and by defining which file types are too sensitive to synchronize to mobile devices.

Maximizes Data Protection for Synchronized Files

  • Lets you control where sensitive corporate data resides and how many copies exist
  • Tags and safeguards sensitive data to reduce risk and achieve compliance mandates
  • Applies data loss prevention to mobile data and sets policy based on data sensitivity
  • Gives you visibility if sensitive data is misused and sets policies to control it
  • Leverages auditing and reporting to provide a record of when and how often data is accessed
  • Prevents sensitive data from being accessed by anyone other than the owner or those specified by the owner through advanced persistent file encryption that remains with the file even when it leaves the SafeSync storage volume

Maintains Productivity Gains without Inhibiting Collaboration

  • Gives users access and use of all corporate data they need in a way they are familiar with
  • Simplifies the accessing and sharing of timely data from any type of device
  • Allows users to simply drop a file into a folder for automatic replication to specific folders in the cloud, and on other PCs and devices
  • Reduces file duplication and revision confusion with file sharing and recovery capabilities
  • Frees up mail server storage with a Microsoft™ Outlook plug-in that sends a sharing link instead of attaching files to emails
  • Deploys easily with dedicated SafeSync client for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices

Improves Security and Lower Costs with an Onsite Solution

  • Retains ownership and control of data sharing by deploying on premise private cloud
  • Maximizes privacy with persistent file and folder encryption, especially during transport
  • Shares storage across the organization to ensure it’s used where it’s needed versus tying up volumes for infrequent users
  • Dramatically reduces infrastructure resources by using file sharing links instead of email servers that duplicate files
  • Lowers your risk exposure to data loss or compliance violation with detailed audit and log information

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