Websense TRITON APX provides us with the actionable security risk intelligence we need to protect our organization from threats across the entire Kill Chain.

- Moti Landes
Infrastructure Group Director & CISO
CBC Group (Coca-Cola Israel)

Grow your business and safely adopt new technologies

Growing and remaining competitive demands the adoption of new technology. Many IT departments struggle to identify the vulnerabilities that often come with most connected devices and lack the security personnel to defend against them. TRITON APX plays a critical role in addressing these complex challenges.

Customize your security with TRITON APX Solutions

Get comprehensive coverage across the Kill Chain with our TRITON APX Enterprise Core suite.

TRITON® APX Products

Customize your security solution with TRITON products that provide advanced protection across all 7 stages of the cybersecurity Kill Chain

TRITON RiskVision™

Identify previously invisible Advanced Threats and data theft attempts in a single appliance via a network TAP or a SPAN port to minimize risk exposure.

Web Filter & Security

Websense Web Filter & Security protects your network and resources against the latest threats and provides policy enforcement for productive Web use.

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