Extreme Performance at Every Layer of the Technology Stack

Extreme performance means getting the job done faster, better and more efficiently than it has been done before. It's the hallmark of Oracle's engineered systems and the ultimate embodiment of Oracle's drive to simplify IT.

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Land O'Lakes Lowers TCO

Oracle Engineered Systems vastly outperformed competitors in both performance and cost/performance metrics. The speed of the implementation was critical in retaining customer satisfaction.

— Barry Libenson, Former Senior VP and CIO, Land O'Lakes, Inc.

The highest performing platform for running Oracle Database.

Oracle Exadata powers and protects your Oracle databases and is the ideal foundation for a consolidated database cloud.

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Run business applications faster, sooner and with less risk.

Oracle Exalogic delivers applications to your business with breakthrough performance for the widest range of workloads, while reducing cost and complexity.

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A single solution to handle all types of enterprise workloads.

Oracle SuperCluster is the fastest and most scalable engineered system–an unmatched combination of the highest levels of performance, availability and operating efficiency.

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One platform for all your applications.

Oracle's Virtual Compute Appliance lets enterprises rapidly deploy and easily manage virtual resources in their production data centres and development environments.

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An easy to deploy and manage system that supports virtualisation.

Oracle Database Appliance is a simple, reliable and affordable platform for Oracle Database. This highly available system saves time and money by simplifying deployment, operations and maintenance.

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