Server Virtualization Products

Designed for efficiency and optimized for performance, Oracle's server virtualization products support x86 and SPARC architectures and a variety of workloads such as Linux, Windows and Oracle Solaris. In addition to solutions that are hypervisor-based, Oracle also offers virtualization built in to hardware and Oracle operating systems to deliver the most complete and optimized solution for your entire computing environment.

Oracle VM Server for x86

Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux

Brings together an integrated solution that focuses on simplifying the building of a cloud foundation best suited for enterprise applications and databases.

Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux

Data Center Virtualization Solutions

With users demanding access to applications and services 24/7, IT needs are evolving. Data center solutions need to support these stringent service levels while keeping the costs low. The integration of Oracle VM with Oracle’s leading enterprise software and hardware solutions offers significant advantages to data centers that support the most demanding customers.

Business Availability

Enterprise Application Deployment

Integrated Management

Desktop Virtualization Products

Oracle desktop virtualization provides secure, anywhere access to Oracle Applications and other enterprise software and enables virtualized operating systems on standard client devices. It can be used to securely access nearly any application over the network from standard PCs, Macs, and iPad. It can also be used to run multiple operating systems on laptops and desktop PCs for development and testing.

Oracle Secure Global Desktop

Oracle VM VirtualBox

Network Virtualization

Organizations need an easy way to connect with their ecosystem of internal and external customers, business units, partners, and branches. Oracle's software-defined networking (SDN) solution enables distributed enterprises to deliver trusted connectivity services with less complexity, in significantly less time, and at greatly reduced cost.

Corente Cloud Services Exchange

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance is an integrated, wire-once, software-defined infrastructure system designed for the quick deployment of hardware and virtualized applications.

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance


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